Best flash charting script!

Uses of  flash chart is getting popularity day by day. Many medium to big web applications may use flash chart. But small application may ignore it due to complexities of implemention of flash chart. Even some web developers may not familiar with flash to make flash chart.

To make it easy, there are several open source and free of cost flash charting scripts that can be imported in your application. One of them is the  Open Flash Chart. So far I have seen, it is the best flash charting script which is very easy to implement. Moreover it supports many languages like PHP (4 & 5),  .NET, Java, Perl, Python etc. It provides the library files and examples which will understand very easily.

So test it now, and import it in your next project and impress your client.

  • tom

    I like AnyChart. Though it is commercial – has a lot of nice features:

  • Ravi Kumar

    Seen FusionCharts or FusionCharts Free –

  • admin

    Hello Ravi,
    Yes, FusionChart is also very good. Specially I like it for its simplicity of easy feeding of XML.