Ajax application

Though late, at last this morning I finally started working on Ajax seriously. I know, I am too late to this field.

Its very interesting. I know ajax since more than 6 months. But I could not get started bcoz I always feel uneasy with Javascript. But from few days, I m getting much interest on Javascript and hence I started working on Ajax.

Today I simply made news recommendation script using ajax for my working project of The Weekly Utsyabhumi magazine (www.utsyabhumi.com).

They are satisfied with this.

I hope to make good progress on it very soon.

  • I think JavaScript is a nice
    I think JavaScript is a nice thing.


  • উত্সà¦
    উত্সভূমি এর সাথে ইমেইলে যোগাযোগ করার উপায় আছে? ইমেইলে জানালে খুব উপকার হবে। ধন্যবাদ।

    মশিউর রহমান

  • I m hving my own site
    I m hving my own site running in flash. But i m not satisfied with that. can u make my whole site in Asp.net, or php using ajax technology. i will also include some blob, chat , forum application under it. all this sholud be working thru ajax. If u can pls contact me at my email address. i will send u the all the requirements description then.

    my site address is http://www.kunal.com and my contact e-mail is here bharkunaldwaj@gmail.com