WowVPS :: Just Weird

So I had two experience with After the both experience my single word decision is “just ignore them”.

First experience was a few months ago. I have purchased a VPS for one of my senior friends to learn WHM. They claimed that cPanel runs well on their all VPS. So after activation, getting this confirmation, I told them to order cPanel. They installed it taking a quite long time. But I could not do anything in cPanel. Even could not rebuild the apache. So, when I complain it and I told I will write about this bad experience in WHT, they offered me free RAM upgrade to 256MB.  I know cPanel does need 256MB but I don’t know why they claimed such and they installed in 128MB! So from next month, I did not renew the service with them.

After a few months of first experience one of my senior brother said, there server is fast. I thought they may be improved by this time. So went for second one. But alas! After the order, I did not get any way to pay! Then after more than 16 hours I got an email, my order is processed. Just need to pay and it will be activated within a few minutes after payment. I followed their payment link in the mail and paid using paypal. Somehow payment sent twice. I mailed them regarding this with payment IDs. One said it will be returned very soon. After about 2 days, I again mailed them as I did not get money returned also server. So they again wanted Payment IDs. Later they sent me account details and also the extra payment. But they took about two days to activate my server even after payment. So totally it takes more than 3 days so far I remember. Simply weird! Their support also slow.

After getting server info, I started working on it. But did not see the server speed as told by that senior brother. Their control panel is also rubbish. It is an external control panel. Even it fails many operations when I changed root password. In the control panel I did not get any way to update the root password. The password change box, just simply does not work.

Even a fresh rebuild consumes about 90+MB RAM. I don’t understand what they have installed by default that consumes so much memory (without apache, mysql, bind, ftp). But in my experiences I have seen a compact VPS installations usually consumes RAM below 30MB before installing many services like apache, mysql etc.

So I am just quiting them within 10 days of purchasing.