Webhostinggeeks review…

hostinggeeksIn an earlier post I have told that choosing a right host is getting complex day by day as there are enormous numbers of hosting companies worldwide. So, it is going to be harder day by day to choose a right host of expected quality at right budget. That’s why before purchasing any vps and dedicated server I do my own research. I have to do it as I have to regularly buy servers for my customers. As their budgets and requirement varies I have to do own research almost for all orders.

Today while looking around for a good VPS I found webhosting geeks. I found this site useful. The site lists a number of sites in several categories. Moreover, it lists a number of award winning sites in a number of categories. One interesting thing is that, this site shows separate ratings by customers and webmasters. After reading some of the reviews on the site, I think that they may be, at least, genuine as I have seen so many negative feedbacks on some companies like bluehost, yahoo, iPowerWeb etc. But please keep in mind that I am not arguing that negative feedback is the proof of their authenticity. I said it because it seems that the respective companies did not pay them to make positive feedbacks about them. In those cases, there will be only positive reviews or statistically insignificant negative reviews.

Another interesting feature of the site attracted me. That is the list companies providing Google Adwords credit, Yahoo Search Marketing Coupon etc., that will surely help new businesses to get a bit recognition.

Like other hosting directory, it also has some hosting related articles on different topics and many webmaster resources that will help anyone. But still do you own research before choosing the final host. These site can be used for data mining only not for providing you decision.