The Da Vinci Code

Holding a lot of patience, finally I have completed the reading of the great book The Da Vinci Code. Its an amazing book. Before completion, I was thinking about the logics, papers and histories are correct or the writer has written from his world of imagination! Later I saw the ‘Fact’ that All descriptions of artwork, architecture, documents, and secrets rituals in this novel are accurate. Actually Dan Brown portrayed everything so nicely that it must spellbind any reader.

I did not read the main book, rather I have read the Bangla (Bengali) translation which is transalted by Mohd. Nazim Uddin. My heart most gratitude to Mr. Nazim for wonderful translation of the book.

After completing the reading, I have watched the movie also. The movie could cover maximum of 5% of the novel! The book enthralled me so much that I am now reading it again. But now reading the English version.

After reading the book, I am feeling very interested in cryptography and vinci code symbolism. Even, after reading this I have started solving various puzzles. I got some great information/idea about Franch, Louvre Museum, Interpol, Jesus Christ, Catholic community Church, Christian, Fibonacci series, golden ratio, women power’s history and about a lot of other things.

The whole book is full of thrilling. After completing the first half in a week, I completed the second half in a single night. I could not sleep keeping the book aside. So, I was reading and reading and reading.

Finally to say, its a great book. No way not to enjoy it. So If you did not read it yet, I strongly recommend you do.

Nothing to write negative about this book except the cleverness that Princes Sophie and Robert Langdon shown to escape from the police! vinci code As a professor and new cryptographer they have shown more than usual expertise to escape from police in several situation. But surely, it was necessary for the main theme of the novel.

About Movie:
Don’t see the movie before reading the book. You may loose everything. The movie is nothing. Actually the depth of knowledge, history and mystery is not possible to explode in the movie. So, reading the book before watching the movie is something like mandatory ;).