Splashtop — Instant Internet


Today, I have learned about a new technology. Its Splashtop. Following a link from Projanmo Forum, I have visited http://www.splashtop.com/. Its an awesome system.

If Splashtop is built in your mother board, you can access instantly after clicking the power button. You need not to wait 1-3 minutes, to start up your operating system. Using Splashtop, you can instantly browse website using Firefox or even you can call using Skype without waiting for your OS to be ready.

To know details visit http://www.splashtop.com/. Asus will now ship motherboards with Splashtop built in. Details Here.


Hearing, the news I was first, too excited. I thought, it will load my OS while I am browsing the website. But not that, when I need the OS, I have to close the Splashtop and the PC will then reboot. That mean, I am not getting rid of boot up time loss.

I hope, in future this feature will come. I will browse the website and my OS will be loaded by this time :D.