Review on my Android based Chinese clone of IPad!

On November 2, 2010 I have ordered this item from eBay! I was skeptical whether I will get the item in hand or not because our postal service is still of medieval age! And the most shameful thing is that the dishonest custom and postal service officers even keep the items for themselves it attracts their attention. Moreover, last time sent me two books for reviews however these bloody custom officers asked BDT 2000 tax for these though the books were gift! My bad luck is that, being a student I could not afford that high tax/excise duty!

All such experiences made me thinking that I won’t get things in hand! However, on the last week of November, 2010 I received the items (I have also ordered a speed light for my DSLR). Most interesting thing is that two items came from different countries and order in two days gap. However, I received both at a time. Now, let me say something more about the APad!

I have purchased the android based APad (though they name it iRobot, many sellers on ebay call it APad) mainly to read pdf books. I believe Apple’s iPad is too fancy and expensive for reading ebooks. This item also attracted me as it runs on Google’s Android OS which I am expecting to test for quite long time. I’ve purchased the item for US$90 and I had to US$20 as shipping cost! They have sent it using standard mail (China Post) with tracking. However, the items was not track-able after it leaves Beijing International Airport! I have even checked postal service’s tracking system but nothing found! God bless our postal service, though I guess they are busy with FlexLoad :-s!

When I got the news that item reached my home, it was hard for me to stay in office and I hurried to home as soon as was possible! I opened the item and observed it was very well packed for shipment.

After opening and using for a while, I started loving it. It could easily connect my home’s wifi and I could use internet using Google Chrome browser. It includes lots of small apps. Then I tried to use for the main purpose, pdf reading.

I have copied the pdf from laptop and opened on it. I could read them however rendering was extremely slow. It is still can be read well but does not real pleasure of reading due to slow rendering!

Being 1/8th price of iPad, I strongly believe it is very worthy item. At least it is fantastic to use internet on it! iPad users may not like it touch sensitivity too but please remember its price.

Another thing pinched me at beginning, I saw few scratches on screen and noticed cast on a cable. I was angry why then the seller did not put a screen protector (I tried to check if there was any protector at all on screen but did not found). I thought the person sent me used item. I contacted him on eBay and he said there is a very thin protector that is usually unnoticeable and for the cable, s/he wanted to send new cables and charger (as it has a bit loose contact too). Later I found the words are true. There is totally unnoticeable layer that I can pull off!

I suggest you can try this item if you can’t afford iPad and better never compare it iPad. And also notice that I had to pay about BDT 2000 as tax, excise duty and collection fees to postal service! Keep this cost in your mind! Also tell your seller to do few things:

1. Write items prices low like $20

2. Tell them to write on box ‘Computer Items’

I guess later item will help you to avoid taxes, at least will save tax; Not sure but can be tried :).

  • What about pre-installed apps? How many are there, and how can you install new app? Is it like iPad that you need a create account providing payment method info?
    Please write more on apps, synchronization/data transfer and battery life.

  • The HungryCoder

    there are many preinstalled apps like alarm, sticky notes, pdf reader and so on. you can install external apps too. I have installed another pdf reader.

    I did not try synchronization. However, you can transfer data using wifi, ethernet port, usb port etc! Battery life is as they prescribed! However, depends on what are you doing.

    But seems it become less hot than iPad!

    The devices runs on 256mb ram and 600MHz CPU! It should run faster than it is currently running!

  • Wow. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing bhai. A perfect gadget for my father to read eBook over the internet through WiFi.

    But, the ebay page says they are ended. need to find another vendor ?!

  • hmm … …
    though I have no plan to buy such items, enjoyed your review.

  • The HungryCoder

    yeah, i have already taken that item 🙂 . you can choose other items from same seller

  • I saw those items a lot. And Saw some video review at Youtube. That looks really cool in such a price. But the problem I can’t buy one is paypal. I have mastercard, but every ebay seller want paypal payment.

    Btw. Can you sum up how much money you spend in total including tax, shipment?

  • Zaman

    Paypal is not supported in Bangladesh. How do you manage to purchase from ebay? How can I purchase?
    Many thanks for the help

  • Wow.. Nice review. I am interested to get a APad 😛

  • Tanvir

    is ur apad still alive? chinese/hongkong gadgets are infamous for dying within couple of months (4 months mostly) i baught several stuffs, none lived for more than 5 months. the last one i baught was a 16gb pendrive not giga byte but giga bit (16gb=2GB)! that one refused to work after 42 days! i have given up shopping on ebay. i do amazon now, sellers r hard to find but once u go through that hassle you manage to find good bargains.

  • Can i find it in Bangladesh ?