PowerISO 4.1 :: 3 in 1

I was habituated using
1. WinRAR – To extract .ISO images files
2. Nero – To burn CDs
3. Virtual Drive/Daemon Tools – For virtual CD-ROM

But now, I don’t need three. Only one software gives me all these. That great thing is PowerISO. I am currently using  its 4.1x version. Its an extremely lightweight software. Can you imagine how much lightweight it can be? The setup file is 1.05MB which takes about 2MB after installing. Ok, now let see the other parts:

WinRAR is almost light. Its setup file size is 1.8MB. Currently I don’t have Virtual Drive. So I can’t check its size. Nero 8 Ultra’s setup file is  185 MB. I simply need to copy/write CD/DVD. So, installing this I will need about 500MB disk space. But I am now saving more than 500MB space. Ok, if I compact install the Nero, it will take near 300MB. Still not PowerISO king? Yeah, absolutely.  So I love it, in fact no alternative to love it. Now lets see what features deos it has.

  1. Copying an entire CD/DVD as image. PowerISO supports more than 10 formats including ISO, BIN, MDF, NGR etc.
  2. Extract the image files.
  3. Supports encryption of images.
  4. Burning these Images to CD/DVD. Also supports making bootable CD/DVD.
  5. Duplicating CD/DVD.
  6. Compressing Images (Including splitting in multiple archive).
  7. Virtual Drive Support. Mount an images and your computer treats as a physical CD ROM/DVD ROM. Its specially needed for playing games.
  8. Shell Integration which means you can mount an Image file by simply right clicking -> Mount to drive. You can perform some other tasks from Shell Menu. Moreover, its can create upto 8 Virtual Drives.
  9. Many others. Please click here to know all.

I am sure you will wonder listening the price of this great, better say greatest software. Calculate the prices of your first three softwares (Nero, WinRAR, Virtual Drive) and minus $30 from the sum. The result which you SAVE!

Yeah, the price of this great tool is only $30.  Its really worth your money. Highly Recommended.

Details: Homepage