OOP with PHP5 Manual

“OOP or Object Oriented Programming is a good programming practice to create manageable projects more easily. Procedural programming means writing code without objects. Procedural programming consists of codes with or without routines. OOP enlightens any language for better coding, for best performance and for writing very big projects without worrying a lot about managing them. OOP gives you facilities to create reusable objects that you or other developers can use in their projects without reinventing them again and again. OOP removes the hassles and difficulties of writing and managing big applications.”

If you are a novice PHP programmer or even working with PHP for a quite long time but you are not familiar with Object Oriented Programming then the book Object-Oriented Programming with PHP5 written by Hasin Hayder should be your bible for learning OOP.

The book covers almost all advance features of OOP and advance PHP programming. In the discussion the book has covered Basic OOP, Advance OOP, Design Patterns, Using Database using OOP, XML with OOP, Reflection and Unit Testing etc. The author also discussed about MVC in a separate chapter.

The main advantage of this author is the lucid explanation of boring terms. There is no difference in this book too. Moreover, examples of almost everything will visualize everything in front of you.

So if you are not completely new to PHP and you are planning to learn real advance chapters of PHP, this book is must.

Thanks to Mr. Hasin Hayder for this wonderful short manual.

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