Not True ::

Yesterday, I have seen an add of 1200+ joomla template just for $10. Visiting the site ( I was amazed to see the cool joomla templates. I instantly paid them and started downloading the 600+MB archive. After unzipping, I searched everything but did not find those Joomla templates that were shown on their website. But I have found some cool website template.

So, please think once more before purchasing from them. most of those joomla templates are available at

  • hungrycoder

    I am now rectifying my comment in this post.
    After searching a day, I have found some cool templates. Problems where in labeling. Those templates are put inside other general templates folder. thats why I could not find it. there are 20+ nice joomla template.

    thanks and sorry for raising confusion.

  • I want to join your website.I’m interesting in your program.Is there anyway I can get in.

  • admin

    Hi James,
    I am not clear what you said! You can subscribe to my site feed. But what you meant by my program? Can you please elaborate?


  • Hello yes this site is untrue.. it doesn’t work.. i tried it several times but in vain.. you can find joomla templates on google i suppose. personally i tried my search there..