New browser, more pain!

Yesterday, Google kicked off the beta of their new browser, Chrome. I found almost every mailing list, forum, group is discussing regarding this release.

Yesterday, I have also downloaded and installed it. After using a while, I did not find anything for which I should leave my Firefox/Flock. The one thing I found well that there are bigger space to see the webpage as there is not any toolbar, menubar which usually takes a good height. I also found a new feature, Incognito, which will not store your browsing history. In a few cases its a good thing; but you know for whom!

After habituating, for a long time, in Firefox I found Flock. Its a fantastic browser with more built in features (comparing to Firefox). Having nothing in Chrome, I don’t see any reason to switch to Chrome from Flock.

Moreover, a new browser will bring more pain to the web designers as they will have to make their web page compatible to one more browser. You may argue that as Chrome is like Safari, any Safari compatible web page should be viewed well. I agree, but remember it is Google Inc. Google is a multi billion dollar company. They will have the scope of pushing the conventions over the border. Powering with open source strategy, this giant will try to build their own standard. Having a great audience, the developer will have to act as same.

There is no problem with the changes as long as it is good for the whole community. But historically it has been observed, that corporations use their market strengths to carry out their corporate goals rather doing something for the betterment of the mankind.

Anyway, I wish good luck for Chrome. Let’s see what new it brings to us!