Never waste your time with

Few days ago, we have purchased a VPS from After the order for about 24 hours we did not get any mail from them. Later, they mailed us that server is ready. The setup time of VPS should not take so much time. After having the VPS, we tried to configure it. But frequently getting many error message like “fork: can’t allocate memory” etc.

When we contacted to him (Mr. Rao) he said, this Data Center is not good. I asked him “then why you hosted us here?”. He replied “its a round robin, but we can move you to another data center”.

Finding many errors we decided to drop VPS and upgrade to Dedicated server. He said that he have some ready servers which can be given instantly. On next day, when we contacted him, he said all servers are already sold. Nice! He said “but we can setup a server within 24 hours as its deep night now. otherwise can be give within few hours”. Next day, we ordered the server while he was online and we are talking to him. He said, it can be given within 3 hours. Ok, we were waiting. After 30 mins, he said it will take about 10 days as all servers are already sold. we asked then why you did not know this earlier? He said “I just contacted DC and they informed no ready server”. We again told him “you should take this info before giving us words & taking the order”. Then he started twisting the words. He saying “I am getting many orders each day. how can I setup all?” Again excuse “there is short of technician in the data center”.
This way we had to waste more one hour. He then refunded us. But we already lost huge time.
Moreover, before order he agreed to give the server for $118=$130 – $12 as discount. But then he claimed again $130. We urged him “you agreed for $118”. he said No. But he later said “oh I forgot”.

He did do a totally non-professional attitude. So, you may not go for him unless you have many time to waste.