Less Pain, more freedom

zendToday is one of the great day for me specially about PHP. I am a great Fan of Zend Studio for Coding PHP. Its an unparallel IDE for PHP developments. Until today, I was using a pirated copy of this great tool. Shame for that!!! But no way, I could afford to buy such software. But from today, I have no more such pain. I won a license of Zend Studio as one of the winners of the Monthly Coding Contest of Weberdev.com. Today, I received the mail from Zend and they gave the all information to use that software. I just installed it.

Zend Studio, its nothing new to me as I was using it for more than one year except now I am valid licensee of this great tool. From now, my sons (Codes) will not be of impure blood 😀 .

Few months ago, I also won the license of NuSphere PHP IDE too from the same site’s monthly competition. Nusphere is very much lightweight and works faster than Zend IDE. But to me, its was not as comfortable as Zend IDE. There are some lacks of automation in NuSphere which leads to wasting of time.

So, from now I am owner of Two PHP IDE. Hurray!!!!!!!!!!

The hungrycoder will be hungrier from now 😎 for coding .

Thanks to Weberdev and Zend for their combined effort to lessen my pains 🙂 . And the special thanks to Hasin Hayder for directing me to Weberdev.com and inspiring me about the competition.