kazila.com review

As a part of my hosting company assessment, in July I tested kazila.com. I found there name in WebHostingTalk forum. They were offering 600GB of space for $3.95/month. Isn’t it fair than so called unlimited space offers? But if you ever go for purchasing a dedicated server, you will know how easily it is impossible 😉 to offer 600GB storage at $3.95 with 6TB transfer (without multiple overselling!).

Anyway, yet I still interested to test them as their sign up fee is not high. After reading their TOS I have proceed to sign up with them. After account gets approved, now I need to store files. An idea came to my mind; I transfered about 20GB from my another server to this new account. The files were archives of my websites.

After one day, I got email that my account is suspended. I asked them why they suspended it. They replied, storing backups/archives is not allowed. But swear, there was no such term in there Terms & Conditions. I told them about this but they were rigid. Later, I told I will remove the backups after a few days. They then unsuspended it. After one/two days again they suspended it. They send an email regarding this. I guranteed to remove the files. So they undo it. I then removed the files (in fact for my sites security reason) and I never get back to them again.