Google Apps

Google Apps for Your Domain (GAYD)

Google introduced a fantastic service for the website owners. From now nobody will have to worry about the space for his/her mail accounts and have not to buy huge space for many email accounts.

Using GAYD any domain owner can host their mail servers with google for free of cost (during beta period).

 Anyway, configuring the domain for this service is not easy for newbie but not too hard who is familiar with these services.

So, I planned to help people obtaining this service. I will configure the domain to work this it only for US$20.

If anybody want to take this, please just email me to .


  • You have to provide login info for accessing your domain account
  • If you want to register a domain, please contact me too
  • You have to pay US$20 in advance. If I fail to configure it successfully, full money will be refunded.
  • All of your info will be kept secured

Thank you