Finding a hosting company…

Hosting a website is getting complex day by day. Isn’t it? Wonder why I am saying it is complex while there are thousands (may be millions) of companies providing web hosting at various price, quality, packages? Answer is the number. There are too many companies in web hosting. So it is always becomes very tough to find a right hosting company to host your site and/or application. If you don’t have your own list of good hosts, you will surely be in problem while choosing a company.

But in internet there are also some websites to facilitate your research for choosing a hosting company. One of them is 4 Cheap Web Hosting. It’s a hosting classified website. In this site, you can search hosting companies within your budget. You can choose your monthly budget, space required and platform. In advance search (power search here) you can set extensive criterions.  Then it will show a list matching packages against your given criterions. You can compare the packages and companies from the list.

The site also provides a list of some top rated hosting companies though I am not sure what their bases of ratings are!  I did not find any such clarification on the site too. The site has some tutorials but not much. But you may find the glossary section useful. If you are a hosting service provider, you may also add your packages their after signing up.

Overall, I liked their search features much. The layout and design can be improved a lot. I would be happy, if their ratings are not biased and only relies on customer feedbacks. But still, you may consider it while researching for a hosting company of your need.