Earn for your skill!

In internet anyone has thousands of opportunities to earn money. In some cases, there are many easy money too. Some tasks requires only times, some requires devotions and time, some requires skills, times and devotions. If you have proper skills, you should get it find easy to make money online. If you have IT/Programming or related skills, freelancing sites should be your playground. Recently I have had familiarity with some of the freelancing sites. So I write my own review about them.

  • Rentacoder.com (RAC) – It is the first site I knew within this industry. More than one year ago I have signed up there and never logged in second time. I don’t know why. After a period of time, I have unsubscribed from mails to. But recently I am again regular there. My comment about them is their site may be good for the buyers. This site charges fee from the coders. They charge 10%-15% for of commission which is extreme high. Even their minimum charge is $3. Once a buyer have given me $5 bonus and they cut $3 apart from the commission for the main payment, he he. One of the coolest thing they provide arbitration service. Their site is very professional, in functionality. But the site outlook is very primitive. Click here to see sample jobs. All bids of this site is hidden. It also provides escrow service. The buyer must escrow all money before the coder starts working. Good for coders.
  • Odesk.com – I did not work even for a single job in this site. But still I liked the site very much. The main feature of this site is that it facilitates hourly jobs with time scheduling. Their software (which is installed in coder’s computer) monitors the activity of the coder. So you can be sure that the coder is not charging your for playing games or watching movie or for the time warmed with girl/boy friends. About charges they are reverse of Rentacoder. They charges fee from the buyer. Their standard fee is 10%. The site provides free skills test. So you can test and show your skills to potential buyers. Chances are higher to get job if you have good standing on respective skill tests. The most worse thing of this site is that the site loads too slow.
  • Scriptlance.com (SL) – I don’t like this site also mostly because I see many bidders/coders bid $5, $6, $8 for even a multi hours job. They charge $5 for each accepted bid from the coders. The certified members enjoy around 25% discounts on fee.
  • Getafreelancer.com (GAF) – I am mostly regular at this site. I like this site because there is no $5, $8 bid like scriptlance.com. The minimum price is $30. They charge 10% (minimum $5) fee from coders for each project, $5 from buyers to post a job and $25 to feature a job. Awesome is that no per project fee if you are golden member which requires $12/month. Its highly cheap. I am very happy to pay them $12/month and enjoy fee free projects. Again, same account can be used to post projects. So, a golden members need not to pay any fee when posts a job. I often post job to share load of big projects :). Payments can be transferred using Payoneer card.
  • Guru.com – It is one of the biggest site. But may be it is more suitable for big groups. Big projects are posted there. Also membership fee is very high. Free membership also available but very few chance to get job in a free account.
  • Elance.com – Large projects are available there. Unlike RAC, GAF, SL, they charge the coders/providers simply for listed. May not be suitable for small projects.

Hope these info helps you. Thanks to Zubrag.