DBBL – Crap customer service

Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd (DBBL) has already made a sensation among the customers specially the young customers by providing ATM card easily and their rapid expansion of their ATM network. People are easily attracted as they don’t have to carry anymore. They can withdraw the funds in divisional cities and in anywhere in Dhaka. In Dhaka it has more than 100 ATM booths while the total ATMs in country of other bank’s will not equal to 100.

I am one of the beginning customer of Dutch Bangla Bank’s Rajshahi Branch. The manager and the second officer of this branch are great. They are very cordial and helpful. But the remaining staffs are crap. They don’t know even how to talk formally with customers.

Later, visiting some branches of DBBL in Dhaka, I was astonished seeing that this condition is severe. No branches have any Customer Service desk. They are not professional at all. I may name Karwan Bazar and the Elephant Road branch. But also in Elephant Road branch the manager and second officer are very helpful and professional.

Few example:
They could not provide me the Internet Banking password in even 15 days where I got the same from Eastern Bank within 30 minutes.
They charge 575 tk.(500+15% vat) for a bank certificate for BO account. But for that you need to apply to them in a plain paper. They don’t have prescribed form to apply. They should have this as they are charging 500 (really a high fee) for it. Same for checks. If you need a check, you need to apply in a white paper. No prescribed application form for applying for check.
Even I applied for SMS and Alert banking. They told me it will be activated within 3 days. But after two weeks I contacted the Internet Banking desk as I did not get any confirmation. Then they told me, Alert banking is not available on BanglaLink numbers. Strange! Their branch did not tell me when I filled the form and submitted. Even they did not contact me to inform me about it.

Last time, I visited the DBBL, Elephant Road branch, I have seen a bank’s guy is in almost quarreling with a customer. The customer pointed some of these issues. “You are charging for it, but you don’t give good service for it” something like this. The bank’s guy replies “We don’t charge, it is charged by bank and bank management? We only do job here.” I was astonished hearing this. That mean he does not represent his bank. Such kinds of employee should be removed immediately. He surely representing the bank and the bank’s management. But he denied it with boast.

So I came to a conclusion, Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. is very good as long as you don’t need to go its branches for any service. You can enjoy hassle free service from ATM booths. So a normal savings account is fine. But again, big depositors will get awesome service even with tea/coffee. So, try to avoid Dutch Bangla Bank. You can open accounts in some other banks and still use their ATMs as now many banks has singed contracts to share the ATMs.

Our Bangladesh Bank, is also a rubbish supervisory body. So, these commercial bank will not be cured, until BB becomes smart.