DBBL – Crap customer service

Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd (DBBL) has already made a sensation among the customers specially the young customers by providing ATM card easily and their rapid expansion of their ATM network. People are easily attracted as they don’t have to carry anymore. They can withdraw the funds in divisional cities and in anywhere in Dhaka. In Dhaka it has more than 100 ATM booths while the total ATMs in country of other bank’s will not equal to 100.

I am one of the beginning customer of Dutch Bangla Bank’s Rajshahi Branch. The manager and the second officer of this branch are great. They are very cordial and helpful. But the remaining staffs are crap. They don’t know even how to talk formally with customers.

Later, visiting some branches of DBBL in Dhaka, I was astonished seeing that this condition is severe. No branches have any Customer Service desk. They are not professional at all. I may name Karwan Bazar and the Elephant Road branch. But also in Elephant Road branch the manager and second officer are very helpful and professional.

Few example:
They could not provide me the Internet Banking password in even 15 days where I got the same from Eastern Bank within 30 minutes.
They charge 575 tk.(500+15% vat) for a bank certificate for BO account. But for that you need to apply to them in a plain paper. They don’t have prescribed form to apply. They should have this as they are charging 500 (really a high fee) for it. Same for checks. If you need a check, you need to apply in a white paper. No prescribed application form for applying for check.
Even I applied for SMS and Alert banking. They told me it will be activated within 3 days. But after two weeks I contacted the Internet Banking desk as I did not get any confirmation. Then they told me, Alert banking is not available on BanglaLink numbers. Strange! Their branch did not tell me when I filled the form and submitted. Even they did not contact me to inform me about it.

Last time, I visited the DBBL, Elephant Road branch, I have seen a bank’s guy is in almost quarreling with a customer. The customer pointed some of these issues. “You are charging for it, but you don’t give good service for it” something like this. The bank’s guy replies “We don’t charge, it is charged by bank and bank management? We only do job here.” I was astonished hearing this. That mean he does not represent his bank. Such kinds of employee should be removed immediately. He surely representing the bank and the bank’s management. But he denied it with boast.

So I came to a conclusion, Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. is very good as long as you don’t need to go its branches for any service. You can enjoy hassle free service from ATM booths. So a normal savings account is fine. But again, big depositors will get awesome service even with tea/coffee. So, try to avoid Dutch Bangla Bank. You can open accounts in some other banks and still use their ATMs as now many banks has singed contracts to share the ATMs.

Our Bangladesh Bank, is also a rubbish supervisory body. So, these commercial bank will not be cured, until BB becomes smart.

  • Anonymous

    I am leaving you a message
    I am leaving you a message on behalf of DBBL. We appreciate your business with us and do sincerely apologize for the problems that you are facing.

    Employee Problem
    We have hired many new employees, and they may not be up to par that quickly as it takes them time to get adjusted to their new positions. And many are coming right out of their college/university. We have hired based on the strictest criteria in intelligence, which may not correlate very well with customer service. But it will take them some time to adjust.

    Password Delay
    Regarding the time it took you to receive your password, I am sorry that it took so long. But seeing that you are a technical person, the details are that DBBL’s online system is a full scale automated system. EBL not only uses a different type of system, but uses one that has far less components, extensions and plugins and hence it is faster for them to get your password. DBBL’s system is the only system that has a full replica that backs up your account details by the millisecond. In addition to this, the entire system is also fully encrypted in transmission. And you have to understand for a password request, we have to verify that it passes all the component and extension tests. It may seem too much of a hassle for you now, but consider this. If DBBL data center crumbles to the floor, the replica takes over that moment. All your money and account details are safe. EBL would have to hunt you down and figure out what happened since their last backup. But then its their word against yours.

    Paper Forms
    And thanks to your advice we will look into creating more forms for these services. The majority of our banking is done online that we have systematically and incorrectly ignored paper procedures. We will correct this.

    SMS Banking
    I am sorry that you had to discover this problem with SMS banking. The reality is that we sign agreements with mobile operators. But sometimes they don’t follow through. Hence from our side, we have followed through the entire agreement on our part, but they suddenly stop or refuse to move. I know for certain that SMS banking with Grameenphone works. It is hard enough to keep track of which features work and do not work and are intentionally not working. I am sorry that you had to find out in the process, but even from our side we had no way of knowing.

    As for charges, DBBL charges the lowest fees if not, nothing. I can assure you that DBBL has the lowest charges because I have personally verified this (that is the reason I and colleagues working at other banks still keep our DBBL account). Unlike any other banks we do not have any hidden charges. We have had customers who come to us complaining how other banks say one thing, but through some hidden charge that no one is aware of. Also DBBL provides free unlimited ATM transactions. We charge a transaction charge of Tk 10 for other banks (to cover transfer costs, and not to make profit). But on their side they often add a larger charge.

    You will notice that DBBL is never there to take something from you. We strive to make you richer not poorer. We have till now donated over Taka 100 crore in CSR activities. This benevolent approach to society and customers is what makes DBBL unique.

    We have seen that due to our large scale automation and ATMs the need for cheques have greatly diminished. The cheques are not printed here (as most banks do), but are imported from Singapore (because of the security paper). We have seen that our clients use the ATMs and Point of Sales (POS) more than cheques. The number of cheque users is very small and that is why you may have some problems acquiring one. This is one of the casualties for this automation. But I will inform other staff regarding this cheque book problem.

    We are glad that you found our ATMs to be of hassle free service. That is our intention. We also have the intention that all your business will be seamlessly done anytime anywhere through our vast network and will not be limited to one branch. But due to many other customers like you who want to take advantage of our banking technology, we are constantly trying to improve our service levels at all branches. We ask for your patience and feedback for improving our service.

  • hungrycoder

    Hello, I am really happy
    Hello, I am really happy that someone is trying to convince the customer. Its really looks promising and professional to me. Thanks for your efforts. But I even could not know your name and designation, which could really add more value to the message.

    I am glad to know that your system is extensive. Actually being a Business (Finance & Banking) graduate I also try to keep some ongoing info in banking sector (specially in IT) in BD but very often it is not possible being in Rajshahi. Anyway, I knew it earlier about your fault-tolerant system. Knowing these things, my expectation increased, logically. Its nice & pro that you have fail over data center and network system, extensive facilities in the system. But if it delays things, then I think (better say believe) everyone will raise question about it! We introduce IT and also improve it for faster/better performance but not to slow. If any improved system slows down any work, at least significantly, I think no way it is accepted. It is accepted as long as it is in tolerable state. But 15 days ( in fact it did not come by) waiting for Internet Account password is not normal at least to me, I am sorry. Later, I requested to collect it from Rajshahi branch, which also was not possible. Being internet banking and/or online banking shouldn’t I deserve to get *almost* any kind of service from any branch? So far I could know, your software (FlexCube) has such facilities. Just your intention and commitment can provide it (and also if f***ing BB does not restrict). I think it takes time to implement new concepts, techs. But we are in dark about what are coming at when!

    About Paper Forms:
    I think no one in country will be happiest if there is no time consuming paper work in any sector. I even don’t expect that you introduce for prescribed forms. Rather, I request try to eliminate it as much as possible. I just expect prescribed form, where the necessity as definite, common for a good numbers of customers.

    About Charges:
    If you look for charges, then I believe there are many other banks with low charges. Thats not a headache. I need to compare the charge against the service. I have no problem to provide charges if it is convenient, sensible and pre-determined whether it is higher/lower/equivalent with other banks. The DBBL charges for ATMs and Internet Banking is surely lowest. Even not lowest, somehow, it is no way inconvenient. So, I have not any problem with it. But again during opening account, there was no account maintenance charge or ledger fee, whatever you say, which was introduced later! Many people (including me) were unhappy on it but later they became cool (also including me) as we found it not much high, and highly affordable & sensible.
    But I strongly criticize for taking 575 (inc. 15% vat) for a simple bank certificate for BO account! Bank should know it is doing business with depositors money. So providing a certificate should be its duty. Yes, they can obviously charge for any certificate after first one.

    I hate it too much. But being a current account holder for my business, I needed it. Also I got a 50pages check. But I don’t need so many. 10 or 20 pages are be enough for me. But most probably its minimum for CA.

    SMS Banking & Others:
    I don’t know why you said, you can’t monitor it. Okies, if you can’t monitor it yourself, then you should keep some strong complain dept, where we customers can inform you instantly and get some feedback. So far I remember about one year before I emailed to IB support but my inbox was never proud with a reply.

    Also, sometime while try to login to IB, I found the error message:
    Unable to login now. Please try again later.

    I still don’t know why it happens, and what to do that time. Most probably, my mail was about this error.

    Anyway, I appreciate your work to respond here. I believe, there is no other as best solution as discussion to solve a problem. I wish you all the best luck.

  • JOY

    I open a account in Motijheel Branch of DBBL.But still its 15 days passes I don’t get any ATM card or Check.Ive deposited on that account.So I cant access my money.I complained about that but they don’t take any action.Shame on them.Is the professional attitude???

  • Yes, you are rigth that the workers like these must be removed immediately without any doubt. But you know I have never had the problems with the banks, I see that I am a lucky person.

  • Md. Raihan Tanvir

    Nice to know that you the people are trying to go forward for the promising service. i would like to mention the branch of Motijheel and Mirpur-1 and some good and bad points that i feel as a new account holder. Hope that you guys please note these points with prerority to make your service to be grabed by the general people comfortably.
    The charge against bank statement or solvency cirtificate is 100/- and 200/-. Its a matter of shy for that you are revealing your dishonest desire as we know that it takes nt more than 2-3mins to provide a cirtificate. we have to pay for the page and the ink only, thats ok but is there any hidden cost? Still now we the customer( specially students ) are thought to be a fool by the bank authority. As maximum of these cirtificates are requested by the students for their study abroad purpose, so that you target this group for the bogus astonish billing.
    The format of solvency cirtificate is different in Mirpur and motijheel. Motijeel branch havn’t submitted me a good supported format that would help me to be considered positively by the foreign universities. Besides this from the Mirpur branch I got relatively good service because they have atleast said that this is out of thier bank rules so it is not possible to provide. But my question arises that why two branch is providing different formate?????? Is it true that the bank authority is taking steps against the students to go abroad for higher study???????
    The technical equipments seems to be fallen very carelessly, the printer don have cartidge. I my self was to bring the bank pad from the desk to fill the emty printer which was randomly providing wrong command printing as well.

    Any way besides this i got a good sevice in term of ATM transection, cash deposite, card delivery time. And the the 50% are well mannered and the rest are nither that much helpful nor know the minimum about the customer service.

    In conclusion i would like to request the legal authority of DBBL to change their policy toward the students ASAP. In term or foreign remitance and regarding the countries honour i feel that it is your chance to help the students in all possible ways,( good suppoted statement, solvancy cirtificate )etc. hope that my suggession will help you to improve your performace ofcourse. remember that your reputation is positively appealing by the young generation as well as the students. so don’t act as the barrier rather than a trusted helping hand. wish you all the best.

  • Sumi

    Here some officer & some employer are not good.


    I just returned from UK.
    Want an account (current/ savings) with International Debit Card.
    I have some questions about DBBL Debit Card.
    will be happy to appreciate if anyone can answer?

    According to DBBL website they offer 3 types of Debit card.
    1. Nexus Classic 2. Nexus Maestro/ Cirrus 3. Nexus Visa Electron.
    Only Nexus Maestro/ Cirrus card can be used abroad.
    Is it true? in other places of the site says all the cards (all the 3 of above cards and credit cards)can be used abroad.

    I want a card to use abroad.
    Thanks indeed.

  • raj

    DBBL Sucks. The services the provided are only good for ATM. (Outside the bank)Customer support is not good yet. Their employees dont know manners yet. If you need to go to the bank for any kind services better avoid DBL. Try Standrd Chartrd Bnk. Thnks

  • Mehdi

    I want to I-top and Flix…..
    by Debit card.
    so what should i do?
    PLZ say now.

  • Mehdi

    I want to I-top & Flix….
    By Debit card.
    so what should I do?

  • Mehdi

    I want to solve my Qu. I don’t gift Ans. I hope that I will gift my ans correctly.

  • Sagar Alam

    can anybody tell me how to use a DBBl booth for withdrawing money of an atm card of a different bank such as prime bank

  • admin

    It should not be any different if bank differs.

    update about their troublesome service.

    More than one and half months ago, I have gone to Rajshahi Branch. Filled the form to activate SMS banking in my another account (savings). Till now I did not receive any confirmation message from them. Even no alert of deposit and withdraw.

    So people stay away of this bullshit bank. Better do banking with another bank that supports their ATM booth. So you don’t worry about their ‘Pre-Feudal Age’ customer service but enjoy withdraw money round the clock ;).

  • Md. Ariful Islam

    Hello everybody,
    i’m having my saving account in DBBL for around last three years in Dhaka. I used to go to the Gulshan and Uttara branch. I’m quite happy with the Gulshan branch but at Uttara barnch, it is really horrible. they’ve a single branch in uttara and there is no quality of service. they’re having a single branch here and there is only 4 people working at the counters. there’s long queue without having enough space to stand, unhygienic environment(ac not working properly), chaos…it took around one and half an hour to deposit money, totally frustrating, especially for a bank that claims to care for customers…I’ve decided to shift my account to EBL finally as they’re also now having ATMs at important places in Dhaka…

  • Engr. Hanifur Rahman

    Dear Concern,

    We need an ATM Booth in Mohammadpur,Magura.Please survey.

  • Md. Khayerul Islam

    I want to know the aba routing number of dbbl chowmuhani branch