Best contacts importing script written in PHP

All you know letting visitors/users invite their contacts is one of the cheapest but proven way of marketing. We can get it by placing a contact importer script in our site and requesting users to invite his/her friends by providing email address and password. The script will then contact the server and download contacts from the address book and finally will send a custom or preformatted email to bring them to our site.

But problem is the cost of such importer script. More than one year ago I have purchased such a script most probably at US$30. It can import from popular email services like Yahoo, Gmail, MSN etc. Later I have found some other scripts that can download contacts from a few more sites.

But throwing all them behind, lately I found the most fabulous, most fantastic, most robust and cheapest contact importing script titled “OpenInvite”. If may not believe the previous sentence until you visit their website. It can import contacts from nearly all major email services and social networking sites. I have counted about 48. 

The final astonishing news is still awaiting. That is this script is fully free and open source. So why you bother and waste money by purchasing other contact importing scripts?

OpenInviter Homepage

  • Tom

    Just what I was looking for! Thanks!

  • Did you test super-tell-a-friend?
    It provides also an admin interface to manage all users.

  • Adrian

    True, it is free but I think it is tricky.
    There is a possibility to store the contacts on their server and second you must have good php knowledge to integrate it into your website. It provides only an “ugly” form…so you still have to pay for integration. Plus, no support.

    So, other paid solution will provide support and also integration.

  • Richard

    Open Invite does not work any more for Yahoo and Gmail

  • openinviter yahoo No more in used.

  • anant

    openinviter crashes facebook account while you trying to fetch contacts from facebook account, my facebook account ask me to verify my account everytime when i try to import contacts from facebook, and one more thing it does not send any message to any of my facebook friends

  • Hey , Openinviter is a huge fail for me. It would never work on first click.. i was able to import contacts from linkedin, gmail.. but never on first run..
    the scrips give UNABLE TO GET CONTACTS and suddenly on next click i have them…

    Try not to use FACEBOOK.. coz they keep on changing the authentication method and you need to wait for updates..

  • Anjali is a fail.
    It don’t even open registration page.

  • johngalt80

    It appears that all Openinviter does is send an email to your contacts (in Gmail, yahoo, etc.) and invite them back to your website. It doesn’t seem to “import” your contacts at all.

    Has anyone had success using Openinviter to import contacts into your own database? That’s what I’m looking for.