About Internet using Mobile Phone

Quite often I see posts about “how to setup internet in mobile phone?” like questions. I have answered the details several times specially in ict_of_bangladesh group. As this is happening quite often, I think its better to write up it here and give everyone this link to follow.

I am user of GP’s EDGE Service. So I only know about GP’s configuration. I will tell about it here now. Will try to add others in future.

Internet Packages:
Now GP offers 3 Internet Package naming P1, P2 and P3.

Package 1 (P1):
Pay as you go. Pay for the transfered data only. Each kilobyte is only 2 paisa. The most of the newbies are confused about this kilobytes. Because it is absolutely impossible for end user to calculate transferred bytes. GP, a vampire I like to say, takes this chance. They dont have any website or any other way to know how much data is transferred using my package. Suppose, you download a file from Internet which size is 100 Kilobytes, your cost will be 200paisa that is 2Tk. + VAT. Same way, if you visit google.com and if the size of their page is 10 Kilobytes, your charge will be 20 paisa+ 15% VAT. Often the pages are compressed. So you may charge some less of the page size. In this way, anything you transfer is billable in Package. If you consider to use Internet in your mobile or if you would like to use it for limited use, then this package may be suitable for you.

Cost: 2 paisa/Kilobytes which is about 20 tk/Megabyte + 15% VAT

Package 2 (P2):
This is unlimited pakcage. Whatever and how much you do Internet is not matter. You can do anything, download anything, browse as much as you like. But if you download contents from GP World’s (gpworld.com) website you may be charged extra for their contents.

Cost: Monthly 1000 Tk. + VAT

Earlier this package was available for PostPaid users. But now its available for PrePaid users too.

In Business Solutions package the cost is 850 tk. + VAT. So you may save some good money if you can manage a Business Solution connection :).

Package 3 (P3):
This is a new package. Its suitable for the wolf like crazy surfers ;). Using this package, you can browse unlimited from 12.00am to 8.00am. If you like to browse in other times, pricing of P1 is application here.

Cost: Monthly 300 Tk. + VAT

Subscribing to a Package
Before starting anything, you need to activate your EDGE subscription. To activate your SIM for EDGE service, send SMS to 5000 by typing: EDGE P$

here $ should be replaced by package number. If you want to active package 2 (P2), then $ should be replace by 2 and the whole message looks like: EDGE P2

Your SIM will be activated for EDGE within 72 hours and you will receive a PIN which will be necessary in case of Automatic Configuration of handset (discussed below). In case of P2, one Customer Support Operator may contact you first before activating the account.

Note: Once your SIM is activated, this SIM can be used in any handset provided that the handset is configured for access EDGE. That is you need not to activate the SIM each time you change a Handset.

Configuring Your Handset

If you would like to access internet from your mobile its best to use Opera Mini. But I could not run it on all mobile. Anyway, all internet capable set has own Browser using which you can surf the internet. Whatever, you want to do you have to configure the handset first to access the web.

You can configure your handset automatically by using Push message. You have to send a SMS to GP and GP will send you a SMS with configuration. Just and start surfing.

Automatic Configuration:

Send a sms to GP in the following format

If you want to enable WAP in your mobile, and suppose your handset is Nokia which Model number is 6220 then the message should look like as follow:


After typing, send the message to 8080. If everything is ok, you should receive a reply shortly alogn with configuration for your handset. Now save the configurations. If you are asked for a some code, enter the PIN you received in the stage Subscribing to a Package. Usually the PIN is 1234.

If your handset is not recognized by GP, the only way to configure you set is to configure it manually. Don’t worry, its not hard enough. The more young you are, the more easily you can set it up ;).

Manual Configuration:

In your handset there should have option like Connectivity or GPRS or Data in the Settings section. Anyone should work fine. You just create a new profied or edit an existing profile. Look for the following options and put the values right after equal sign.

WAP Settings (If you want to use WAP sites only):
Profile/Settings Name = GPWAP
APN (Access Point Name) = gpwap
WAP Gateway (Proxy) IP =
WAP Gateway (Proxy) Port = 8080
Data Bearer = GPRS

Internet Settings:

Profile/Settings Name = GPINTERNET
APN (Access Point Name) = gpinternet
Then save the settings and activate the profile. Now try to surf using your mobile’s browser. You can also use Opera Mini. If your connection is ok, you can download it from http://mini.opera.com in your mobile.

Accessing Internet from your Computer

Accessing Internet from computer using Mobile means that you want your mobile to work as Modem. Mind it all handset does not have modem support which also be named as GPRS or EDGE Modem (if I am not wrong :D).

Purchasing Guide:

So far I have heard Nokia, SonyEricson, Simense are found to give better service than others. I used Nokia 6610i which is GPRS modem. So speed was too low (max. 3.9 KiloBytes). So far I have heard Nokia 6220 is a very good handset with EDGE Class 10. There are other handset with such features. Most probably, EDGE 10 Class provides the most speed.

Connecting to Computer:

You can connect your mobile phone to computer in varities of ways. They are: Cables, Infra, Bluetooth etc. Cable connectivity should give you maximum performance since remaining two are technically slower.
When buying your handset also buy USB connection cable for your handset with the Driver CD. Test it before purchasing.

Install the modem driver from the CD. Then your computer should detect a modem.

Connecting to Internet:

You should receive a software in the CD which should also helps to Connect to Internet. While using for first time, you may get configuration wizard. Most important setting is Access Point Name (APN) which should be gpinternet if you use GP. Phone number is *99# or *99***1#. Set these values and save and try to connect.

If you fail to configure it using software, you may do it directly from Control Panel. For the follow the instructions as below (I am talking about Windows XP):

Control Panel -> Phones and Modem Options -> Modems

You should find a modem in the list. Double Click on it. Goto Advance tab. Enter the following line in the box:


I am not sure if it is same for all. But its working for me. If you see already some text in this box, you better replace the word that is gpinternet. Suppose there is some code like AT2+CGDCONT=2,”IP”,”internet”, you just replace “internet” to “gpinternet” and keep other things intact.

Then Dial to your connection. Hope it will work fine.

If you face any problem, please post the comment in this thread.