6 minutes plz…

I have to refresh my OS periodically usually each month or two. It took much bothering. OS installation would take about 30 minutes. Then I have to install other softwares which took at least 2 hours and many restarts.

The software I have to install usually:

  1. OS Itself
  2. Motherboard & other device driver
  3. Office
  4. Photoshop
  5. Illustrator
  6. Dreamweaver
  7. Zend Studios
  8. FrontPage 2003
  9. Acrobat Reader
  10. Configuring EasyPHP (mysql data directory is not in OS partition. so no loss if i format partition)
  11. Configuring all virtual hosts and aliases
  12. Bangla softwares & fonts installation
  13. Complex Languages support
  14. User Configurations
  15. Antivirus softwares
  16. Download accelerator
  17. Mozilla, IE7, Opera etc. and their plugins
  18. Messengers
  19. Multimedia Players like Herosoft, Winamp
  20. FTP softwares and others

So i had to give much time to install & configure these soft. Last week, Sumon, a contributing member of Projanmo Forum, send a gift cd with Acronis True Image Server for me. After installing and configuring my OS fully, using this software i took a image of my C: drive.

Yesterday, I had to refresh the OS again (as affected by virus). I formatted the C: partition and using the boot CD of Acronis, I restored the whole system in less than 6 minutes. 😎

Its really amazing. In five minutes, the whole system is ready for use.

Thanks Acronis, thanks Sumon :).

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