2008 Honda 2008 Honda CR-V

I always like compact cars. I never like micro bus or even the coolest cars like limousine as they are big. Small car attracts me always.
Honda is one of best manufacturer of these small cars that I like. I have seen that they are consistently introducing newer cars in the market to keep their market shares up. I have seen several such models of small cars.

One of them is 2008 Honda CR-V. It ranks 1 out of 27 affordable compact SUVs. The ranking is based on the published reviews and test drives. The reviews come as the car is designed keeping safety and reliability in mind. In some published reviews I have seen that this car earned near 10 point out of 10 in safety and reliability categories. Though safety and reliability were the main concerns, the interior and exterior design of the site is not clumsy, it is marvelous. You can see the 360 degree view of this car from http://www.thecarconnection.com/360tour/honda_cr-v_2008 and explore how sexy it is!
A car is not of design only. The performance is also a big issue. Honestly, so far I have learned about this car, it will not the speed of sports car. He he! Kidding! Do I need a sports car? No no, I am thinking of buying a car which will be safe, reliable, and good performance. This cars fits in this category. One thing I am not still confirm yet! I am not yet sure about its fuel consumption. But so far I remember somewhere I have seen that it runs about 20 miles per gallon. Isn’t a bit expensive? It would be great if it is less fuel consuming. Still it’s a dream car. Hope will buy one day :-).