Introducing Forum Hosting

After working for more than 7 days, I successfully introduced Bangla Forum Hosting Service where everything is in Bangla (Bengali). The user interface, input methods are in Bangla. There are two typing methods e.g. Unijoy and Phonetic. Both system is developed by Hasin Hayder.

Oh, feeling bore to type anymore. Please take a look for details.


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  • Funny – how both of my
    Funny – how both of my comments in your blog turned out to be negetive.

    i am not a fan of typing bangla on the web.

    yes. maybe in 10-15 years – this might come into play .. but right now – i think its a mess. How many people have bangla fonts installed in their computers ?

    On another view – i am proud of what hasin bhai has done – and i am proud that you are offering this service. I have wrriten a review on this on my blog. : )