The last few moments

On 4 January, my aunt, cousins and I was coming from my home village to dhaka. I need to go back to Rajshahi soon and they came to dhaka to receive my uncle who would return from Hajj (Pilgrims) on 5 January at 4pm. On 5th January, after 11.00pm my friend and I reached to Airport Rail Station for going to Rajshahi on Padma Express Train. While waiting for train during 11.40PM zahir vy called me and informed me the news that our aunt died (due to heart-attack) few mins ago. I could not believe my ears. It would be easier to believe if I heard same news for my own mother as she suffered twice by brain-stroke.

Aunt was quite ok. She had not any major disease to die. So it was hard for all of us to believe. Just then I tried to return the ticket. But the man, did not allow us. He told train will come just now. But later I heard the train came after 3.30am which was scheduled to come at 11.51 pm.

I moved to my home and putting the bag, i moved to Mohammadpur where she was and saw her dead body in ambulance. then with the same ambulance we returned to home village and reached at morning.

Just one day ago we came with joys and after one day she also companied us but….

Yesterday we burried her after (two days) coming of her son (Mahbub) who is doing job in Afganistan. When Mabhub vy heared the news, he did not believe it as he claimed just a few mins ago he talked to his mother and they had many funny talks like “what father brought for you from Saudi Arab”. Then he requested everyone not to bury her mother before he come. After much effort he reached safely and could see his mother for last time. There was a scenery which i cant express when he saw his mother. Ohhh…sad…they have no one to call ma (mother).

Immediately after burying, I returned to Dhaka as I have to forward to Rajshahi soon.

I still recall the moments in bus, at resturant. Ohh… the irrecoverable moments.

  • azad

    This is life, we al lare to
    This is life, we al lare to destined to go there, ultimately.

    There is no sequence who wil lgo first and who then, the cliamx of life is here!

    We must think always, it me next, may be NOW!

    MAy alla hgive all that feelings!

    Keeping deadbody over the surface is not a good idea, I recomm, as soon as to burry, I willhave no complain if happens to me or my family members. That is for the betterment of the passedbody!

    Allah hafiz.

  • Rony

    It is pathetic.I can feel
    It is pathetic.I can feel it.But here is the limitation of human.Here we are surrendered.We know all we’ll die,we know all we have end,we dont know when.I have nothing to say but praying for her to mighty allah.

  • Reza

    hi raju
    i am really
    hi raju

    i am really proud of u.i am extremly sorry that u lost u r aunt. but u have to think that man is dont think so. continue u r studies. i need u r help very much. i want to do video chat with u. pls inform me by sms when u can? i am good . my life is going not so good or bad. i will be very greatfull to u if u help me to make a website of our student association in russia. .again i am sorry that u lost u r aunt.i hope ur success in the computer sector. send e-mail me.dajbedanea(good by)give my salam to all u r friends. reza russia