Recent air travel experience

Recently I have experienced my life’s longest air journey! During this journey, I have used a few numbers of airlines! I am trying to share my experience about them!

I went to Goa, India on 23rd July, 2010! There was no direct flight from Dhaka-Goa! Even, if I want to use single airline, it will take at least 22hours to reach to Goa! On such a critical situation, Nazrul vy (Brother-in-law of arafat vy) from Pan Bright Tours & Travels, arranged connecting flights for me! At first I was very skeptical about the connecting flights because if any flight delays, I will miss the next flight! However, good news is that I did not miss any flight :D!

My first flight was Dhaka-Kolkata using Air India! The flight scheduled at 6.20am! So, I have reached the airport at about 4am! Within 30mins all emmigration formlities where completed! Then I have passed some boring time as terminal wi-fi was not functioning properly and no one could

Air India

provide help regarding that! So, finding no ways, I was talking to so people and sent sms to others who were supposed to be sleeping that time!

On time, I have boarded in plane! It taken off with few minutes delayed! Though I was quite hungry, they just provided only water :-x! Most probably after 25mins of flying, we have landed at Kolkata Netaji Subash Chandra Bosh International Airport!  They provided me a embarkation card to fill up! While I was filling up, another immigration officer called in Bangla 😀 and wanted to help me! After completing the process, I was astonished hearing what he said! He was asking for some bribe (সকাল বেলা মিষ্টি খাওয়ার জন‍্য কিছু বকশিষ দেন)!  Then he gave me a piece of paper to fold the money! Well, I had only 500 tk and rs notes! and only one 20BDT note! I folded it and given to him! He checked and asked for at least 100tk. He said he can convert BDT to Rs. But I could not give 100 as I did not have and he returned me the 20 :D!

Kingfisher Airlines

After exiting from international terminal, I headed for domestic terminal! My next flight was after 2 hours! I got both boarding card from same place (Kolkata to Mumbai and Mumbai to Goa). There I have taken little breakfast! On time, I boarded to Kingfisher airline! This plane was much better than that of Air India! It also has small LCD TV in front of every seats! The journey was about 2.5 hours! They provided excellent breakfast! All items were yummy :D! I was simply overwhelmed by their hospitality! They also gifted a headphone (but I did not bring it as I thought they given it for just listening on board)! The screen was nicely showing flight information with map and 5 other channels (offline)! I did not realize how fast time passed! However, it took a while to land on Mumbai airport as I was seeing on screen that the plan was circling two times on same place! Most probably, it was due to traffic jam! After landing, we waited at terminal for the next flight! Here I also did not get any free wifi access! I expected such a big airport should have it! Then I again boarded to another plane of Kingfisher to go to Goa! This was lunch time! They again provided excellent foods, though journey was about just an hour!

I have landed at Goa safely and received by my client and his father!


On 4th August, I again followed the same route for returning! I came to Goa airport from Belguam by bus! At Goa airport, I have purchased a ticket from SpiceJet! It was quite cheap! It was not direct flight to Kolkata! They stopped at Mumbai airport for an hour! Most probably, being cheaper flights, they did not provide complimentary foods! However, their paid foods were cheap! When they took off from Mumbai airport, I enjoyed my life’s most beautiful sunset!

Jet Airways

On 5th August, I came to Dhaka from Kolkata using JetAir plane! My short review about them is that they are expensive but not that good in terms of costs! They handled the luggage poorly! They kept all passengers waiting about 45 minutes to put the bags on belt!

My Personal Ranking about the airlines I boarded:

  1. KingFisher
  2. SpiceJet
  3. JetAirways
  4. Biman Bangladesh (I flew Dhaka – Sylhet few years ago)
  5. Air India

Throughout my journey I have got lots of helps from Arafat Rahman and Arnab! Both are members of Projanmo Forum and Arnab brother is from Kolkata! He helped me a lots for managing flights from Kolkata to Goa and given good tips for staying at Kolkata! Thanks to both of them!