Long delay!

Ops! I am a bit irregular in my blog. Posted long ago :(.
Now I need to update what i am doing now.

Now I am working with the following things:

1. Publication of Admission Test

Every Year I publish the Admission test Result of Rajshahi University to www.rubd.net, which is developed and fully maintained by me. I also publish the result in WAP (www.wap.rubd.net) which is first in Bangladesh.

2. Working with Projanmo Forum (http://forum.projanmo.com)

I am working with two new features for Projanmo Forum. One is: Blog. The topics created by the Users will be his blog automatically. So blogging and discussion will be simultaneously. Secondly: I am adding Email Digests to forum, which will send all unviewed discusions of everyday to members mailbox. A great weapon to reativate inactive users ;).

3. Working with another project

I and Jobaer Sumon are working on a project. Sumon is doing main works. I am keeping the communication with the party.

Finally, I have some academic busyness. I have to submit a research paper on

“Problem and prospects of Dataware Housing in the Banking Sector of Bangladesh”

and a business plan for the course “Enterprenuership Development” :(. Also reading th “Learning jQuery” book sent by Packt Publication for writing review.

So, I am working in throttle. Thanks Almighty, Electricity is not going now ;).