Little more load…

Today I got appointment letter from the forthcoming Weekly Magazine “Utsyabhumi” (???????) which is going to start publication from 16th December, 2006. I am appointed as IT Editor (Part-time). So my workload increased once more. I will do this job only for improving my writing skill not for salary.

Since few days, I was observing their attitudes. They are trying to be professional. Good things. But being tried to be formal, I believe they are importing bureaucracy.

Moreover, I think job assignments are not well defined. Sometimes I heard, I am head of IT page, sometimes I heard, I am head of IT Cell. I am still not clear about Page and Cell.

Anyway, I have seen some conditions on my appointment letter. Most probably these are same for all employee. But as they have conditions, don’t I have the right to apply some conditions too to work with them??? Thinking…..:)

Finally, this is my first official appointment. Since this, I always worked as freelancer. Now, getting official environment.

Should I be suited & booted….?lol:D