Little more load…

Today I got appointment letter from the forthcoming Weekly Magazine “Utsyabhumi” (???????) which is going to start publication from 16th December, 2006. I am appointed as IT Editor (Part-time). So my workload increased once more. I will do this job only for improving my writing skill not for salary.

Since few days, I was observing their attitudes. They are trying to be professional. Good things. But being tried to be formal, I believe they are importing bureaucracy.

Moreover, I think job assignments are not well defined. Sometimes I heard, I am head of IT page, sometimes I heard, I am head of IT Cell. I am still not clear about Page and Cell.

Anyway, I have seen some conditions on my appointment letter. Most probably these are same for all employee. But as they have conditions, don’t I have the right to apply some conditions too to work with them??? Thinking…..:)

Finally, this is my first official appointment. Since this, I always worked as freelancer. Now, getting official environment.

Should I be suited & booted….?lol:D

  • azad

    What are the conditions,
    What are the conditions, inform me by e-mail. Do not go yearly years contract, take obligation when u r really freelancer!



  • md reza ul karim

    hi raju i am reza. i am very
    hi raju i am reza. i am very glad to see u r own website. i am proud that i have such a talented friend. i am wishing u r success. u r website is ver good and i think u will continue u r work. i am well wishing u a good future

  • Reaz

    This is Reaz.
    I read


    This is Reaz.

    I read ur message. I remember my days like it. I did my internship at Standard Chartered Bank. Then I got my admission for MBA, but also trying to get a good job. Then all in a sudden, I got a call from a well wisher. He said to meet a man who will give me a good part time job. I went there and talked. I fixed that I will work 6 days a week, each day for 3 hours. Salary is BDT 6000. My position is Head of MIS. Then I started working and almost everyday i worked for more than 7 hours. Someday I worked for more than 10 hours. At the end of the month they didn’t pay anything, because they usually pay after 15 of the next month. So, I waited 15 more days. Same workload again and again. And they don’t have any clear idea about what they want and what they like. They used to bring some Bruisher/catelog and told me to copy those. When I finish the works, they used to call people from press. And after getting the cost estimation, they did change their decision only because, it costs too much !!!! And all my works were useless.
    I became frustrated shen I saw that actually they wont do anything, just wasting my time.
    After 15, they paid me BDT 5000. I asked why? they said, it is what they promised. I leaft the job instantly and they didn’t pay me for the 15 days of the next month. They just paid me for one month and other 15 days ….
    wanna know that name of the company. It is ROSS, yes, the sweatmeat shop. they have some other business as well. And the owner of that shop is Mr. Rabiul Hasnat. Tel Number is, 01713004427.
    After many days, I meet him at a very expensive restaurant of Gusshan. Both of us went there for launch. I went to him and wished to spit over him, but I didn’t as I’m not like him. I talked and told him my present situation. He smiled and talked gently.
    This is the life.
    Listen, Razu, Don’t work for free. Don’t work for some place where there is no vision, no goal, no future plan or such bull shit like mine or urs.
    This is my suggestion to u.


  • Reaz vy
    thanks for your
    Reaz vy
    thanks for your suggestion. I really could understand your feelings. thanks again