Indifferent Holiday

Today was “Teachers Day” mourning the death of Dr. Zoha. So the campus was off. But I passed very busy time today as all other days.

From morning, I have gone very deep of Joomla. I have decided to deliver all webdesign projects in Joomla so that it may be easier for me to make update in near future. Currently, I am working with 3 orders among them 2 are paid projects and one is free which is of an student organization of our department.

I have very good improvements with the templating system of Joomla. Still facing some trouble to put custom code. I am not sure yet, how to do that. I have to consult with Arafat vy or Hasin vy.

At evening, I gone to campus for a small break. Again back to work and busy till now. 🙂