Hurray! Purchased a new Macbook Pro

Just few hours ago I have purchased a macbook pro (latest model). Really amazing moments! Though I was not much fan of Macbook, but recent electricity problems and my recent interest to iPhone/iPad application development bound me to buy one macbook. Initially I planned to buy macbook rather than macbook pro however, I see a small price gap if I upgrade macbook to 4GB RAM! So, I found it better to buy macbook pro.

Today, I borrowed money from my brother and requested hasin hayder to give me company! Hasin vy picked me from Radission and we both went to Aloha Ishoppe at Gulshan 2. As we wanted to purchase immediately, they agreed to provide free backpack. The backpack promotion actually expired on 30th June, 2010. However, they could not ignore our requests to give one free even now :D. Thanks to them. It is really good.

Later we (hasin hayder and me) had our launch at Boomers and hasin bro dropped me near our house (however, never request him for lift; he drives very rough 😛 ). Coming at home, I have opened the packet and with a lots of care, excitement, thrills I have pressed the power button (though I assumed it won’t open until I charge). But I see the logo and welcome screen. Cool.

My first assignment was to connect to internet. Earlier I have assumed my mobile won’t be detected that I actually use for internet connection. But amazing, it instantly said ‘Nokia 3110’, great! Then I gave dialing credentials and it connected. However, I failed to browse after a few mins of try. But later I have seen that I have to select GSM/3G modem and enter APN. As soon as I hit dial after giving these, I am connected and pages are now infront of me.

As not comfortable with Safari, I immediately visited Firefox site and download it. Now I am browsing using Firefox.

I am still in dark with lots of stuffs! I need to get familiarities. My first priorities are preparing my development environment i.e. installing apache, mysql, zend ide and others.

Most exciting is that now I won’t have to play with the load shedding and can use computer upto 10 hours without power :).

Thanks to Almighty for enabling me to get something.


lets share photos of my desk 😀

  • Congratulations!
    You may need to go to Hasin Hayder again to learn some basic things of Mac.

  • awesome news! welcome to mac users… I am sure you will have a pleasant experience after passing the initial difficulties.

    btw, battery backup may not be 10 hours if you do heavy works like flash games, flex builder etc.

    and don’t forget to calibrate your battery at least once a month – recommended by Apple.

    All the best 🙂

  • shozib


  • shemul

    wow…that’ very nice and cute lappy…..
    i have a dream of Macbok

  • Nabid

    @ Aman: how to calibrate the battery?????

  • The HungryCoder

    Thanks to all :).

  • Raju Bhai, How much did it cost?

  • welcome to mac family 😀

  • Great Work brother!
    But i can see Linux Mint in your previous Laptop and also in Desktop. And you also got Mac! But is it not possible to have something like this :
    Windows – Mac – Linux 😛 ( just for fun )

    By the way your bed room is also looking nice like the Macbook! cool…..