7 things you may not know about me!

Most probably you are already aware of this game. It was introduced to me by Arafat Bro. But this game is initiated by tony bibbs.

Though I have observed many people, bloggers indeed, enjoyed this game, I did not find it as much funny thing. But still I have decided to disclose some facts of me, though possibly no one interested.

  1. Recently I have started rolling myself out. I have started learning Violion (Behala), I have also plan to learn car driving next month) and trying to enjoy the university life. I say that ‘I have admitted to University at 4th year’. That’s fact, I was so busy with myself from 1st year to 3rd year that I missed almost every moment of university life.
  2. I am trying to calculate how much I owe to public as I am reading in Public University. You know, govt. provides around 10k per student per month. I need to know actual amount. I have plan to return that (with time value) as tax within next few years.
  3. As an effect of #1 fact,  I am becoming passionate to girls b-(.
  4. I have realized that I have hedged my horizon by sitting in front of computer allmost all time. I need to explore the world. I should not be in front of computer all time. I need to go for pleasure, read  for pleasure. Being inspired by one of our Professors, I have already started reading novels, listening to musics, yoga and meditation. I have also deposited some money. I have plan to expense these by travelling across the borders.
  5. I yet did not find meaning of life. Why should I live and die?
  6. I never drunk any alcholic drinks. Many elder brothers tried to make me drinking, at least for once. Still my university juniors tease me for this.
  7. The final thing and should be most amazing:
    Arafat bro. knows I am married. So far I remember, he knows this from March 2007. The fact is that on (may be) last week of February 2007, I have purchased my first (own) Computer. After returning to University I put a status on my Yahoo Messenger ‘I brought my wife to my home’. Seeing this, many people asked me the fact. I have told them the fact. Some asked how is she. I said its pretty as Dual Core 2.8 Ghz, 1GB RAM and 17″ LCD monitor (you know that was very good configuration at that time). Finally arafat vy poked me on messenger and asked ‘when I did marry’. I said the date (can’t remember now). But he did not ask anything fact. So I ignored telling it. After that till now, he always ask me ‘how is bhabi’. Coincidentally, I was living in a house that time. When he asked me ‘Where is Bhabi’, I replied ‘in house with me’. I meant my Dektop and Arafat vy understood my wife. ha ha. He even asks for her mobile number when I start talking about girls ;).  Even I do believe, he is planning to threat me after reading fact #3 above. LOLz.
    Many times, I planned to expose the truth, but i was enjoying the things! But honestly, sometime I was also wondering that ‘Is arafat vy also making me fool by understanding the fact and behaving differently?’. It is because his attitude to this was too foolish to believe. ha ha ha.