I’ve installed Ubuntu on my Macbook Pro 7.1

Well, since buying the Macbook Pro, I was trying to install my most favorite operating system (Ubuntu/LinuxMint). I have failed with LinuxMint and other Ubuntu. However, this manual helped meto get Ubuntu Lucid Lynx installed on my Macbook Pro.

Before installation, I run Ubuntu live. After I’ve confirmed that basic things are working, I have started installation process. The installation was seamless though I was worried about the boot loader. Because I already have rEFIt installed. So, I was not sure if grub will overwrite it or not but it didn’t!. However, I am still wondering, as grub is loaded after I select Linux from rEFIt, will it work if I remove rEFIt? The grub is showing both Ubuntu and Mac Os.

After the installation, I see the partitions are ok. The ethernet worked without any other efforts. Then I have installed Cheese and I see camera is working fine. I have installed NVidia and Wireless driver when Ubuntu prompted me for that. Touchpad also worked without problems. However, I have to select the option from Mouse configuration to use double finger scrolling. Earlier it was scrolling on the right edge. Several, multi touch features are not working. I am not much worried though.

The problem seems when I disconnect A/C power, the battery gives a estimate to live only 2 hours. Another problem, the shut down and reboot is not working. Ubuntu is freezing there. I had to force shutdown or reboot using the power button. I have edited the grub configuration following the above manual. They said it will require to reboot. One is already done. I will check after 2nd reboot.

It is said Ubuntu makes Macbook extremely hot. I am still not noticing anything significant. I will be able to comment after I run it for quite few hours.

Now, I am updating the system. Then I will check wireless networking after that and I will keep this post updating.

If everything works, I will drop my plan to sell the Macbook Pro that I initially planned as I did not like the Mac OSx!