Chance to win free copies of Getting Started with WebRTC ebook

Getting Started with WebRTC

I’m excited to let all of you know that Packt Publishing wanted to give away free copies of their new book titled Getting Started With WebRTC to the beloved readers of my blog.

Three lucky winners stand a chance to win digital copies of the book. Keep reading to find out how you can be one of the Lucky Winners.


  • Set up video calls easily with a low bandwidth audio only option using WebRTC
  • Extend your application using real-time text-based chat, and collaborate easily by adding real-time drag-and-drop file sharing
  • Create your own fully working WebRTC application in minutes

How to Enter?
All you need to do is head on over to the book page and look through the  description of the book and drop a line via the comments below this post to let us know what interests you the most about this book. It’s that simple.

The contest will close in 1 weeks or 2 weeks time depending on the response . Winners will be contacted by email, so be sure to use your real email address (No spam, email addresses of winners will be given to Packt Publishing only)!

  • Varun Tewari

    No plugin, no pre-setup required without compromising the security..with our favorite browsers doing all that magic…its mind blowing ! This book gives good insight on all building blocks of WebRTC.

  • Bundz

    Chapter 4 and 5 – I want to create an alternative for Mumble and similiar software.

  • Chris Bellini

    Chapters 7 and 8. I’m interested in seeing WebRTC ideas beyond the canonical text/audio/video chat applications.

  • Timothy Edward Goshinski

    “Use RTCDataChannels to share real-time data” could enhance one of the tools we currently use at work.

  • Jeffery Joltes

    I like free programming books about things I have no experience with. Free learning is good

  • Patrick

    I”d like to check out the ability to create some plugins that would allow p2p chat on any webpage

  • Milan Raj

    Very interested in seeing how the DataChannels work for implementing distributed P2P games / comm networks and understanding the different protocols and services needed

  • Ricardo Gesuatto

    By reading the overview and the table of contents, it seems chapters 7 and 8 are all about adding the cherry on the top of this book. I love when a book allows me to develop practical applications after laying the necessary foundations; and the e-learning example specially interests me as a master’s student.

  • Maruf Siddiqui

    I’m interested on Chapter 7 and 8. How to build real time communicating application practically ie hands on. That’d be great

  • Alejandro

    I’d like to build a simple RTC application for spontaneous virtual meetings with co-workers. WebRTC and this book look just what I need for it

  • Dany Pell

    I have a website with over 700,000 members. We’re using Flas / AMS to host the video conferences. We want to primarily use WebRTC with a Flash fallback and this book will be helpful in doing so. Hopefully I will be able to promote WebRTC at the same time 😉

  • TheHungryCoder

    The winners of the free ecopies are:

    1) Alejandro

    2) Chris Bellini

    3) Jeffery Joltes

    Congratulations to the winners. Someone from Packt Publishing will contact you soon over email.

    Thanks to all

  • TheHungryCoder

    You’re a winner. Congrats :).

  • TheHungryCoder

    You’re a winner too. Congrats :).

  • TheHungryCoder

    You won a copy. Congrats :).

  • kikko

    an other can win? 🙂

  • TheHungryCoder

    could but little late. sorry 🙂

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  • Jeffery Joltes

    I apparently won and never received the email from Packt publishing! Is it too late to receive my free copy?

  • TheHungryCoder

    Hello Jeffery

    I’m quite surprised and sad to hear that. This is totally unexpected. I sent them the list of winners and they were supposed to contact you directly. Here is the list of winners that I sent to them.

    I believe it’s late but no harm mailing them again. I will do it again though I never actually talked to anyone since then.