Just now, I finished today’s work of Utsyabhumi’s project. Good progress today. My productivity was satisfactory. Did not face any significant error. I could do what I wanted. Problem is that, as I am not a good designer, I am not satisfied whatever I design. Hence, a pretty simple design is ok for time being. Will change later if needed.

Work will be resumed from next morning. I have to go very very fast as I lost some idle time at the beginning of the project. Hope I will be able to complete in time.

Feeling zzz……so going to sleep

  • Hi Vaiara,
    I am
    Hi Vaiara,
    I am hitting here from Malaysia. I was trying out to make a bolg with PHP,Apache and Mysql.I found here so many peoples are able to do that. So do you guys have any idea where these probs came from

    I don’t know where the problems comes around. I think all of these are from mysql…I don’t understand what did u mean by

    $contents = preg_replace (“[%%CAT%%]”, $catname, $contents);

    $contents = preg_replace (“[%%SITETITLE%%]”, $sitetitle, $contents);

    $contents = preg_replace (“[%%CATID%%]”, $options, $contents);

    I unsersatnd that these are used to replace something…But how it works since all the errors comes out of these lines. Well, I just accessed those from html files of phpGuests and these problem comes up. Is it something that I have to replace “%%_________%%” with something else? This files I got from weberdev either.

    The code for that was from


    So help me if you can. Thanks a lot and feel amazing to get brotehrs here. Want to rock with your help.


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