Unhappy day

For 2 days, I was waiting for the books sent from Packt Publication. I was tracking the books online and saw that these are warehoused in Zia International aiport. The UPS (United Percel Service) marked this as an exception. I was really confused what i have to do. So I was waiting. Today, while gossiping in class room, one of my classmate informed that a letter addressed to me is in the department’s office. Going to office I collected the letter and found that its related to those books. Later I contact with UPS over mobile. They informed me those are Customs Duties, Excise duties, VAT, TAX etc. which will result about 4000BDT. I am astonished and could not believe my ears. Packt sent those books for free.

In last month, APress also sent me 2 books for Free. But same case occured. The courier service told me that I have to pay about 1600-2000BDT for releasing those books. But last year, I received books from Packt Publising for which I did not have to pay any type of payment. Those books reached to my home absolutely free of cost. In the beginning of this year, Wiley also sent me two books through DHL for which they have taken me 370 BDT as Excise duty. I paid this as I could easily afford those. But being student I can never afford 1600BDT or 4000BDT.

Its a really frustrating matter for me. As I could not receive the books, they will return to the publisher which will be an embarrassing moment for me.

Moreover, I am not satisfied about the UPS. Earlier, DHL came to my home (in Dhaka) with the books. First time I did not pay as I was confused about the payment. Then after confirmation, I again called them and they brought the books again 🙂 . But UPS, send me a letter (to Rajshahi) with the invoices and advised to collect the books myself or by them. They mentioned (over mobile), if I want to collect by them, I have to send all the papers (they sent to me) to them through Sundarban Courier and also have to advance them 3000 BDT which will be adjusted later. But in their papers (that they sent to me) it is mentioned that I have to advance 1000 BDT for the same purpose and it will also be adjusted later. So, they are also not consistent 🙁 (3000BDT over mobile but 1000BDT is written on the letter).

I think, our govt. doesn’t want that, we become educated and we learn. they want to see us ………:( . really hopeless. they should not charges fees on such. bcoz i am not importing books as the importers never import 1/2 books. these our study material and should be out of any barrier.

Again, too much painful & shameful being under a such law :(.