Things to do before next job

So it’s about time. Today is my last day at SparkPost. It was an amazing almost 4 years at SparkPost. At this point, I’m not sure where I’m going to join next. Initially, I put a notice after getting an offer from a health tech startup but given some communication issue and Istikharah, I just didn’t feel right about it. So I had to pass the offer. However, I’m currently, working with a few opportunities and at almost final stage.

I assume I’ll have some time in between. So I wanted to make a list (self document) a few things that I want to work on during this period.

Advanced Docker and comfortable level of Kubernetes
From the interviews in a couple of places, I’ve learned companies are adopting Kubernetes like crazy (but thoughtful). I’ve “development level” of experience with Docker. So in this period, I want to understand Docker much better and get some comfortable level of understanding in Kubernetes. My approach will be dockerizing prayers connect app/api for production and deploy that with Kubernetes (most probably in DigitalOcean or AWS).

Make a trip somewhere
Planning to visit somewhere, most probably outside of USA and it’ll be really good to visit a new country. I’m looking at different solo travel packages happening in this month or early next.

While I understand some benefits of typescript, I’m not fully sold for it’s overall benefits given the extra cost (time, resources). Also most of the times, I see people show ‘hinting in VSCode’ as the selling point and how easy it is to rename something across the project. To me, that’s very rare and with unit tests, that should not be big problem and also I use Webstorm which is pretty good (not perfect) in terms of that anyway.

However, again to stay on up-to-date, I’m still going to learn it. I’ve some understanding about it already but need to solidify some aspects like interface, if 3rd party lib does not have types definition etc.

Prayers Connect
Most probably, my next job will be onsite. So unlike now, I won’t save approx. 3 hours/day anymore as I used to by not-commuting. Hence, I’ll spend some time to finalize some parts of the app architecture, like multi-tenant support so we can provide (semi) white-level hosting for mosques.

Get better with white-boarding/diagramming
This is one of the things that I cold not improve much as I worked mostly remote fort he last 4 years. So I want to be very comfortable on drawing on whiteboard.

I already feel that’s ambitious but let’s see :).