The Journalism – a bitter story

From my college life I was little bit interested about journalism. But it was at a tolerable level. At university, on some courses I introduced & intimated with Ujjal vy. Seeing him, my old passion of journalism geared up. I decided to do that anyhow and even at least for six months to taste it. But the result is completely unexpected to me.

After long whistle, The Weekly Utsyabhumi launched. And I was appointed as IT Editor (part-time) at * taka/month. I never cared about payment as I gone there for experience. The maximum salary of that magazine was *** which were for Editor, Deputy Editor and few other top position. Most probably its the only Newspaper/Magazine where it gives salary to each & every staff. Whats a big challenge whatever the amount is. Thanks to authority. Anyway, the preparation of first issue was at full bloom. After my joining, I asked Ujjal vy, to whom I should always contact for anything. He boastly answered, “with me”. I told ok. But later, when I raise any issue, he just replied me “…why don’t you tell such to Siblee Noman?”. Shiblee Noman is the Editor. From the beginning of my work with magazine, i have seen and informed that the job duties & responsibilities of the employees are not well defined. They always kept everyone in dark and did everything as whimsy. Moreover, the presentation quality of the first issue was such low which can’t be expected. Again, I requested at least 3 specimen copies of first issue for some VIP, but I did not get it.

After thinking much, I finally decided to resign from the post as there was very little, better say no, chance to contribute for the improvement of the magazine as they never consult with employees about anything.

On 26th January, I submitted the resign later and the about 2 months relationship with the utsyabhumi ended. Good bye Utsyabhumi.

I had (have) another personal relation with Ujjal vy. But after that resign, he was also changed overnight. I am astonished.

Anyway, Good luck Ujjal vy, Good luck Utsyabhumi.