The Journalism – a bitter story

From my college life I was little bit interested about journalism. But it was at a tolerable level. At university, on some courses I introduced & intimated with Ujjal vy. Seeing him, my old passion of journalism geared up. I decided to do that anyhow and even at least for six months to taste it. But the result is completely unexpected to me.

After long whistle, The Weekly Utsyabhumi launched. And I was appointed as IT Editor (part-time) at * taka/month. I never cared about payment as I gone there for experience. The maximum salary of that magazine was *** which were for Editor, Deputy Editor and few other top position. Most probably its the only Newspaper/Magazine where it gives salary to each & every staff. Whats a big challenge whatever the amount is. Thanks to authority. Anyway, the preparation of first issue was at full bloom. After my joining, I asked Ujjal vy, to whom I should always contact for anything. He boastly answered, “with me”. I told ok. But later, when I raise any issue, he just replied me “…why don’t you tell such to Siblee Noman?”. Shiblee Noman is the Editor. From the beginning of my work with magazine, i have seen and informed that the job duties & responsibilities of the employees are not well defined. They always kept everyone in dark and did everything as whimsy. Moreover, the presentation quality of the first issue was such low which can’t be expected. Again, I requested at least 3 specimen copies of first issue for some VIP, but I did not get it.

After thinking much, I finally decided to resign from the post as there was very little, better say no, chance to contribute for the improvement of the magazine as they never consult with employees about anything.

On 26th January, I submitted the resign later and the about 2 months relationship with the utsyabhumi ended. Good bye Utsyabhumi.

I had (have) another personal relation with Ujjal vy. But after that resign, he was also changed overnight. I am astonished.

Anyway, Good luck Ujjal vy, Good luck Utsyabhumi.

  • Ha ha ha 😀 what a good team
    Ha ha ha 😀 what a good team effort!!! Shiblee Noman, Anisuzzaman Ujjal…..good admirer :cool:; Someone else? January 29 is the posting date of this post. you are commenting on 24th May. Yep, its enough time for raising someone’s sense.

    Actually nobody likes to hear the truth. thats it. I will be happy not to see you commenting on this topic anymore. Bcoz……..everything I can’t express.


  • I won’t comment on other
    I won’t comment on other matter as it will increase our bitterness. Just telling about “reciprocal throwing of mud”.
    I did not tell about mine. I am sorry, I failed to make you understand. I told, suppose I ask mr. X “what is the condition of Utsyabhumi”. He answered “Mr. Y knows”. Then when I ask Mr. Y, he replies “Mr. Z or Mr. X knows” this is happened several times.
    I just told this.
    thanks again for your time and I am grateful for your wish :D.

  • Shiblee Noman

    Raju, at the begaining of my
    Raju, at the begaining of my comment, I agreed with you, that is about your bitter experience. Personally I am sorry for that. But from the very early stages, we decided to publish a magazine containing 32 pages. But for the shortage of advertisement, we were bound to make it a 16 page magazine.
    After publishing the first issue, we called 6 staff meetings. There we recieved the anonymous survey from staffs, it is important to notice, they are still with Utsyabhumi. We wanted to find out the reasons of failure the team work.
    As an editor, I mannaged the makeup of the whole magazine myself. Actually this was not my duty. But when I saw no one in my house could be able to do it, I took the responsiblity. But now, two men, Ujjal and Sujon know how to make up a magazine. This experience is raising day by day. As IT editor, it was your duty to arrange stories for this page. Going to do that, I think, you also realise the shortage of writers in here. So you had to write all the stories by yourself. The same problem is applicable in every section of Utsyabhumi.
    I wanted to mention here an important thing, that is, a step takes time for being a proper institution. It needs a team work, well communication between the activists. But it doesnt build up in a day. Utsyabhumi is still not a proper institution. But we hope, a day will come to show this magazine as an institution of Rajshahi. We are waiting for that, we are also struggling for that.
    About specimen copy, I can only tell you that I listed 2 copies for you and sent it to Zakir. It was his duty. But when you didnt get it finally, you should tell me. After that I could take steps. But You are telling me after leave Utsyabhumi.
    Now come to the matter of website. We all are very proud to have a site like this. We are grateful to you, I told it in my first comment. I know the main problem is with the payment. It was delayed mercylessly. I also know you will still now get some payment, which will cleared in this month. I only say sorry. But I also want to tell you that if we have sufficient money, we’ld never delay the payment.
    We always want your success. this is not “reciprocal throwing of mud” in your language. I told in my first comment, you told your story, I told mine. So no missunderstanding should arise here.

  • First of all thank you very
    First of all thank you very much for your long comment after a long time when i was almost forgetting the issue.

    After leaving a firm, may be it is not usual to comment on it. But as Blog, I just told my stories. As you raised some issues, I think I should clarify this.

    In your 6th paragraph, the story totally disappointing me. When I was in Utsyabhumi, I came to know that the magazine is becoming 64 pages, as there is huge advertisements. I won’t comment who told this. So the ins & out of the org. is not similar. Even its true in case of Budges (as you just described). May be your strategy!!!

    About Specimen Copy:
    That time I was in Dhaka. For some reason (may be about website) you called me. Then I requested you about that specimen copies. You told that, “ok no problem, it will be reached to the recipient”. For me your promise was important not the organizational structure. If you told me to contact Admin Officer, I would never mind but would contact him. Even you told me to send the addressees to your mailbox. Then I did it.
    Now listen, 3 of these review copies two of them were for the beneficiaries of the Utsyabhumi. I requested a copy for the “Monthly Computer Jagat” including a press release so that they can publish a news about Utsyabhumi in next issue. I have a known person there. I would contacted for that. Another issue was for Sultan Mahmud Sumon, the editor of Monthly Projukti Probabo. The monthly also stopped then and now. He had great intention to work with us, you know as I informed. But ……………..
    Last one was for Hasin Hayder. I believe you know him. This is the only issue I wanted for him so that he sees what I wrote. And of course, that time I described you who are the VIPs, no doubt.

    [quote]`Moreover, the presenation quality of the first issue was such low which can’t be expected’, you urged. Did you tell us it with your point of view? I am saying, `no’. So how cordialy did you take it?[/quote]
    Ha ha ha………..that is one of the main issues of my leaving. Though most of the staffs were from Mass Communication, there was huge communication gap. I am damn sure, I told it to my superior as he told me to contact him about any matter. So, I was not interested to tell this to you. Moreover, I strongly hate multi channel management.

    About my Responsibilities:
    Actually, I told the overall scenario. And ambiguity still exists.
    Its very much true that I am not sure about the duties & responsibilities of an IT Editor, as I never practiced journalism. But when a designation is suffixed with ‘Editor’, I was/am sure, his job is editorial. But true is that, I myself wrote each & every stories for IT page with different names, you know. I don’t know in real life what the Editors do actually. Even though I don’t play games, I had purchase games & played to write review wasting of hours. But you know, I work on hour basis for PHP/Web Development. So, why I sacrificed so much my valuable (at least to me) times?. 🙁

    About Consultation:
    If you want to ignore the matter, you easily can. I always tried to attended any meeting which was informed me and said to be presented. There was only one meeting where the informer told me “its not important for you to go today”. Thats the meeting I only missed after I am aware of Utsyabhumi.
    One question: Did you arrange any meeting after the publication of first issue? I am not sure, but most probably ‘NO’.
    Please just take an anonymous survey from your staffs, when try to analyze what they says regarding this matter.

    About Website:
    Thank for your complement :). But thats the another bitter story which should not be publicize :(.

    I always want success of Utsyabhumi. Thats why still I always ask the condition of Utsyabhumi. You can verify this by asking Ujjal vy, Shormi, Sujon, Sumon, Zakir etc. But I see “reciprocal throwing of mud” in many cases :(.

    Thanks a lot for your time to read my blog and comment.

  • Shiblee Noman

    Raju, Thanks a lot for this
    Raju, Thanks a lot for this type of writing. I am sorry, being under pressure in my official duties I cant read it before today. Well, I read you carefully. I also agree with you. Your experience in Utsyabhumi is very much bitter. I know it. Very few person in this house, who is suttisfied with it. So, here a question can be obviously raised, `why’?
    I think, in every story of failure, there hides some reason. When anybody only told the story of failure without telling the reaons, an important part of the whole situation goes under water. Somebody do it without unterstanding the situation properly, some intentionaly.
    I think you also know about rajshahi. In spite of being a divisional headquarter, In total history of journalism, this city didnt produce any weekly magazine till 2006. No one wanted to take risk to publish a magazine of different taste. So a magazine from rajshahi was dream for us, which would contain off-track stories and writings. I know a by-color magazine contains 16 pages, is not a matter in Dhaka or Chittagong. But honestly, it was a dream to pulish it from Rajshahi. I found some students of Masscommunication department of RU. They are realy very much intelligent and hard working. But they had no scope to develop their skill. they were also interested in a weekly magazine.
    The first plane was mine. It was 2002. With Mahbub Alam Lablu (Now working as sraff reporter in JAIJAIDIN), Jamiul Ahsan Shipu (Now working as sraff reporter in JUGANTOR) and some other student I decided to publish a weekly magazine, based on RU campus. But lack of investment made it failure in the very begaining of the planning. in 2003 the same plan was coming to the table. But We couldnt march forward for the same problem. In 2004 we changed the plan. We wanted then to publish it from Rajshahi city. We started to search an investor. We became tired as the investor hunting operation came to an end with a huge zero. In early of 2005, I uttered my planning to Mir Hassan Abdullah (Regional Program Officer, Massline Media center-MMC). He became interested. He asked me the budget. I went to him with a budget planning of arround tk 2 lakh (Where the magazines of Dhaka started their journey with some crores!). We shared this amount. Hassan bhai became publisher, I was editor. We started our work since then. But in September, 2006 we were able to get the govt. authorisation, which called diclaration, after giving about 30,000 taka to the related persons. It is added, most percentace of the money they took illegaly.
    By the way, we started our journey from December, 2006. the first challenge was the activists. They were truly newcomer in this kind of journalism. I recruited two experienced assistant editor Anisuzzaman Ujjal (AMARDESH) and Kamruzzaman Shahin (JAIJAIDIN). I also took Dulal Abdullah of PROTHOM ALO as sports editor. I got some experienced sub editor and reporter like Meherul Hasan (SAMAKAL), Salauddin Mohammad (BHORER KAGOJ) and Hasnat Rabby (AJKER KAGOJ). With them and with a short preparation, the first issue of Utsyabhumi published. That was a new trend of Rajshahi. Most of the reader liked it. But, honestly I didnt like the first issue.
    My planning based on the two assistant editors. They were just like two wings- Ujjal and Shahin. But Before publishing the first issue, for academic reason, Shahin leave Utsyabhumi. We fall in a trouble. As a editor I was not habituated in working with a magazine. So, some problem arise there too. But we decided to go on.
    After publishing next 2 issues the trouble became more dangerous. We almost finished the investments. But we didnt get advertisements. Every piece of Utsyabhumi needs 8.50 Taka with all the costings. Readers buy it only for 5 taka. Agents get 50% from the price. So we get only 2.50 Taka from an Utsyabhumi. So the amount of loss is 6 taka in a magazine, 6000 taka in a week (for 1000 copy) and finally 24, 000 taka in a month. In first month we only able to get the advertisement of 6,000 taka. So it became very difficult to go on. When a house fall in trouble with money, no planning could be exercise there properly. We are not alone, these examples are available in our national newspapers.
    Ok, now listen Raju, your another complain titled `We never consult with employees about anything’ is not true. Every descision of this magazine was taken by staff meeting. But you didnt join there reguarly. Moreover, you sent the matter for IT page by emailing. So how could you be consulted? You can check my words by making a dialogue with any activist of Utsyabhumi. `Moreover, the presenation quality of the first issue was such low which can’t be expected’, you urged. Did you tell us it with your point of view? I am saying, `no’. So how cordialy did you take it? Do you think, only worst-telling is one and only way? You also added, `I requested at least 3 specimen copies of first issue for some VIP’. For your kind information, I dindt know, who your VIP are. But 2 specimen of Utsyabhumi was listed for you. But after that you didnt contact to Zakir, the administrative assistant. Did you think, serving specimen copy is a work of an editor or assitant editor? I also added, I think your duties and responsibilies are well defined. Didnt you know that as a IT editor what was your responsibilities? If negative, then how could you develop the web and arrange the IT matter for first issue? You wanted to tell, being blind in your works you became able? then I have to say only a thing, that is, `you are a perfect genious’.
    Ok, no problem. you told your story, I told mine. But its true, without you Utsyabhumi couldnt be able to build up a very nice site. So Utsyabhumi is grateful to you.

    With best wishes

    Shiblee Noman
    Rajshahi Bureau Chief
    Daily Samakal
    Former Editor
    Weekly Utsyabhumi

  • Anisuzzaman ujjal

    raju, that is not expected
    raju, that is not expected from u. i took all the man in utsyabhumi for a journalistic work. but after a few day’s i see that we can’t do whatever we think. for this reason we have to change our strategy. you live utsyabhumi bcause u don’t familiar with the office. it is your responsibility. but after living , you can’t say such kind of word.