The Great Mambo Book

MamboI am familiar with Mambo from long ago. But I did not go inside it as I thought it is complex & tough to manage.
Surprisingly, I won this book as the 3rd prize of programming contest of phpexperts group. I was happy to get this book though.
Started reading the book and it raised my interest to go inside of mambo. The lucid expression of the book increased my pleasure. The authors described each things ins & out. The first chapter Terms & Concepts removed my earlier misconception (including CMS) about Mambo .
The installation description of Mambo is amazing. Even a newbie who don’t have any idea about script installation, will enjoy this.

In the book the author explained each (even small) parts of Frontend, Backend of Mambo. There is explanation on using Mambo extensions with creating custom extensions. There is a chapter about Corporate Identity with template designing for creating your own design.

Like other books, this is not out of limitation. I felt lack of codes explanation in Chapter 6::Corporate Identity & in Chapter 7 :: Your Own Program Extensions. This may result stuck for new web developers. Again, the price may seem to be little bit higher for some users.

But in a word, the book is “Fantastic”

For details about this book please visit Packt Publication