RapidShare smooth downloading

Please don’t tell me that you dont know about RapidShare.com. You know, downloading from rapidshare is not easy unless you have an premium account. Still do you know that? If yes, then forget it now. Visit www.pankha.info. Put your rapidshare download url in the box and click Download File. It will download the files instantly from rapidshare to our very fast server. after downloading completion, it will give you another link from which you can download it. Now you can use any download accelerator to download faster even with full Resume support.


Note: Its an experimental release.

  • Ashraf

    Many thanks for this
    Many thanks for this service.

  • Hi guys,
    Sometimes the
    Hi guys,

    Sometimes the service is down, so it’s always good to have your own private account.
    RapiDownload has a great post on how you can earn your Rapidshare Premium Account with minimal effort.

    Good luck,

    RapiDownload Team

  • hungrycoder

    At least one server is
    At least one server is always up. try to visit http://pankha.info instead of http://www.pankha.info


  • Firefox

    i dont seem to

    i dont seem to understand where to paste the rapidshare link. What box r u talking abt ?
    could u plz eleborate on that

    waiting for the reply.

  • hungrycoder

    That service is terminated.
    That service is terminated.

  • Firefox

    thanks for the quick

    thanks for the quick reply
    So is there a workaround or a solution to resume rapidshare’s downloads ? other than premium account of course.


  • hungrycoder

    sorry, don’t know yet.
    sorry, don’t know yet. looking for some such service. I personally wanted to run such a service. but its expensive specially the server cost.

  • thanks for info
    thanks for info

  • NickG

    Download now without waiting
    Download now without waiting : Rapidshare Premium Account

  • The best bet to download
    The best bet to download from Rapidshare is currently to use the Rapidshare Happy Hour system

  • Did the url of the service
    Did the url of the service change? The site you mentioned in the article is not accessible anymore.

  • User

    I found this site few days ago and it works for few hours. It’s very useful. When it will be online again?