Passport :: Home Leaving approach

As I did not have a passport, last year I missed a almost free trip to abroad. So, I decided to have a passport soon. After coming to Dhaka, I have seen, my eldest brother is preparing for getting a Passport. I thought this the best time. I also started filling the form, printing photos, and making attested. Yesterday, my brother deposited our money in the bank. Today very early in the morning, 6 AM, I wake up, usually I don’t, and gone to the passport office at 7AM. But forms are taken from 9.30 AM. So, I had to queued up for at least 2.30 hours.

Everyone said, its a time of caretaker govt. So there is no harassment, no brokers. But fate. Everything is there. When I reached there, I was behind of at least 50 people. A man came and told me, would you like to go at the first of the queue? I am surprised hearing this. I did not reply as I was not interested to give bribe. But I asked, how much? He replied 200 taka. Later I have seen few people from behind of me took that opportunity (!) by paying 100 taka.

As the clock moving, the sun was becoming hot. They passports officers stays inside a A/C room. But there was not even any measure for shadow for hundreds of people. Democracy!!! 😆 Our condition was miserable 🙁 . Eldest brother is a patient of H-B. So, he can’t stay under the sun and was supposed to come after 9.30AM. He was also late due to huge Traffic Jam. Though my turn came after long ago, I had to pass more than 40 people as he was still on his way to come. Finally he came and we submitted the form.

I was astonished seeing the conditions of our people. We always blame our politicians for their crimes, their dishonesty. But today what I saw is totally unbelievable. Oh, how bad our man can be. How can our politicians or our leaders can be fair while we like to lie, to take unfair advantages!!! People don’t hesitate to lie for getting his serial. For coming ahead of 1/2 persons they were continuously telling lie. Some were telling that, we were also queuing for the early morning, but were in a wrong line. Please do some favour. Someone telling that, I was here ago, but gone out for sometime, please do some favor.

More sad is, some people are trying to make everything ok. They are trying to make the queue well arranged and finding a chance to enter in a position ahead. A young guy was telling me, “Why are you passing people from behind?” I told, “my elder brother is coming, there is no opportunity of proxy. So i can’t submit is application”. He understood, and all of a sudden, he stood in in front of me and he thought I could not understand this. He was signaling his mate to come from behind by fingers. Huh, people!!!!!!!!!!!

And there are many others unhappy experiences I got today. Really sorry to see these. really sorry.
🙁 🙁 🙁