MySQL :: The Complete Reference

Once I got a project for which I have to use Transactional Database. So I need to learn it. I was searching for book in the market. Surprisingly I met Hasin vy in the Book Market. He advised me to buy the book title MySQL (The complete reference) by Vikram Vaswani. I purchased and come back to home. I decided that I will skip beginning chapters and will jump to Transaction chapter. But, I opening pages, I read one or two sections. The more I read, the more I thought that I knew less of MySQL (before reading this book). So I started it over.

I was feeling fantastic as I am going through the book. The book described each and every aspect of MySQL very nicely.I had not to read one thing twice to understand. It happened due the simple explanation of the points and each & every points was described with examples of real world. I was spell bound while reading Data Types, Operators, Functions, Sub queries, Administration, Performance Optimization etc. discovering the power of MySQL and the reading the lucid explanation of the book. I believe, this is the first book where there is no discussion without example.

The book is really for the new to super MySQL users. Even anyone having no experience of RDBMS may find interest while reading it. Again the book covered development of solutions in C, PHP, Perl in separate chapter. So I could easily drop C, Perl as I am a PHP developer.

At last this book is “Must have” type book.

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