My first released PHP Class

I am learning PHP from about two years. In many of my projects, I have used external or self developed class. But those were completely for personal use.

Few days ago, one of my clients asked me to provide him a solution so that his visitor can signup for mail account without his intervention. I was really stuck with this assignment.

searching….searching the net, I found a script at using that I could create email accounts without login to cPanel. But the functionality of this script was very limited as each time I need to change source code to create new account. Once I thought that I should customize it.I started working & done. Now user can signup for their email account by entering necessary information. The script was simple coding.Later, I decided to make it class. After starting work, it took about 2 hours from me. There were some ambiguous error which I couldn’t debug. Finally I could do it. Then I commented the script.

Later, I wished to submit it to which is the largest php class repository. I submitted the class there. It is still awaiting for approval.

Here is the script cpmail

  • Great Job !!

    Great Job !!

  • Snake

    Thanks , It’s Great Job 🙂

    Thanks , It’s Great Job 🙂

  • Really great.

    Really great.

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  • It is my dream to learn PHP
    It is my dream to learn PHP to enhance my Baby Clothing Stores website. You are giving me great hope that it is possible…