My Brother’s Marriage

Yesterday the Marriage (Akth, what is the spelling?) of my immediate elder brother was held. The marriage was held in our village mosque. I came from Rajshahi to attend this ceremony. I even did not seen the bridegroom.

He is the last brother before me. That is 4 of 5 are now married

  • Azad

    Congrats to your Brother who
    Congrats to your Brother who married, good luck for him.

    your serial is close, no worries, put a pics of your future bride(s) on your site for viewing.

  • rajuru

    lolz 😀

    lolz 😀

  • Omi

    বাঙলা বানান হলো: “আকদ্” তাহলে ইংরেজীটাও সেরকম কিছু হবে…