My two months experience with Macbook Pro

On July 11, 2010, I have purchased Macbook Pro from Aloha iShoppe! The main intended uses were developing iPhone application and getting more battery backup. I was excited seeing its look and feel! However, I was experiencing problems as soon as I started using it. I considered that as normal. Any new systems takes a while a adopt. But after about two months, I believe, problems are not decreasing! It significantly reduced my productivity. And no doubt I started hating Apple and its products. I hate it mostly specially for leeching my general computing habits! The daily problems I face with it are:

  • OMG! Where are my Keys?
    There are no Home/End Key and no Page Up/Down key and no Delete  key. These are extremely needed during coding. In fact it has a Delete key which functions as backspace key of other systems. That is it strips to left. But during coding, I often need to strip from right.
    Recently I published this blog about some missing keys!
  • No way to cut and paste files!
    There are lots of duplicate files/folders in my system. Reason? Being no cut and paste option, I have to copy the files/folders to a destination and then I forget to delete the old files. There is an option to move files by dragging, but that is not a replacement of cut-paste. Two days ago, I found an application moveAddict for the same. But it is a separate application that I need to keep running to get cut-paste feature :(.
  • Finder? huh?
    The file system browser called Finder is of dinosor age! Linux’s nautilus and windows explorer is far better. When you select multiple files and want to see properties (Get Info), it will open separate box for each! Frequently I do the mistake that I want to see properties of many files and end with lots of popup windows on screen. At beginning level, one day I selected few hundreds images and clicked Get Info and it opened separate window for each! You guess how much trouble I had to face to close each.
  • Dock is sexy but …!
    I extremely miss the task bar. The Mac OS’s dock bar is sexy! But how long will you love a sexy boy/girl if he/she is impotent? When there are several windows opened for same application like Firefox, I have to right click on the icon and select the window which is really disgusting. I again often become confused which application is opened and which one is not! I usually work with Netbeans (since I am using Macbook). One day, I was using dreamweaver to work with an old DWT based application! I remember, I clicked the Netbeans icon at least 6 times (within 5mins) mistakenly and it started running.
    Removing it from dock is a solution. But again, it is not convenient to find from huge list of Applications.
  • Battery? Is it fully functional or malfunctioning?
    It is the most big reason I purchased Macbook! They claimed it can run up to 10 hours. But how? Well, I clearly understand it won’t run 10 hours if system is busy. But should I keep it at sleep mode to run 10 hours? I never could run more than 6 hours. What I was doing, simply browsing and the screen brightness was dimmed. Moreover, when running on battery mode, it never shows actual time. But the last laptop I used (Compaq pressario) always showed exact time to fully discharge. It worked perfect to full two years with 100% capacity. But Macbooks’ battery already lost its 3% (171 mAh) capacity in less than one and half months (as per battery health monitor app). Simply irritating.

What I like most?
Well, my above comments does not mean that I do not like Macbook at all! I really love many things of it!

  • The Macbook’s Design
    The Macbook’s design is stunning! It is a slim and sexy hardware and most probably the best laptop design. The weight is not much.
  • The Touchpad
    The touchpad is my most favorite. It’s multi-touch feature is simply wow. Reading on screen was never fun. I can read, scroll and zoom very easily. Watching movie with VLC is also fun. Using the touchpad I can adjust volume and fast forward and rewind the play.
  • The Spotlight
    The another wow thing of Mac OSX. I write any keyword and it instantly brings, virtually, everything from my computer. Even, it shows word meaning from built-in dictionary.
  • Disk Utility
    I highly liked the Disk Utility program. It is extremely easy to operate and split or merge the partitions easily even without requiring any reboot.

Note: I wanted to write a bit more but tough to manage time!