Macbook Pro, the missing keys

After purchasing the Macbook Pro on July, 2010 I noticed that some keys that I use most frequently, are missing on the keyboard. After passing more than 1 month, I also noticed my coding speed drastically reduced due to missing of those keys. So, I started Goolaptop keyboardgling for help. Though I did not like the solutions but still better than unavailability. The reason of my dislike is the combination of multiple keys! Here, I write how to perform some tasks whose keys are missing.

Home/End of Line
These two keys are used very frequently during programming. We can go home / end of the line using the following combination:

Home: Apple key ⌘ + Right Arrow or Fn key + Right Arrow key
End: Apple key ⌘ + Left Arrow or Fn key + Left Arrow key

However, I found combination for home do not work on Firefox. It gets me to back page when press those keys! frustrating 🙁

Page Up / Down
Page Up: Fn key + Up Arrow key
Page Down: Fn key + Down Arrow key

Top of page: Apple key ⌘ + Up Arrow key
Bottom of page: Apple key ⌘ + Down Arrow key

Delete Key?
Well, there is a delete key on the Macbook Pro. However, unlike normal keyboards, it strips single character on the left. There are no button to strip on right. But again, multi key combination enables us to do it.

Strip right: Apple key ⌘ + Delete key

I did not find this too working on Firefox 🙁

Print Screen
As I run a tutorial site, I also need it frequently. Until discovering these keys, I was using Preview application to take screenshots.

Capturing whole screen: Apple key ⌘ + Shift key + 3

Capturing a window: Apple key ⌘ + Shift key + 4. After pressing these 3 keys, your mouse pointer will be changed to + (plus). Press the spacebar once! Your mouse pointer will be changed to a camera. Now click the window you want to capture!

Capturing a selected portion: Apple key ⌘ + Shift key + 4. Now your mouse pointer will be changed to + (plus) sign. You can now define the portion by clicking, hold and dragging the mouse at expected area.

I will share if I find other shortcuts! However, please share if you know something!