It’s madness!!!

Day before yesterday I have seen the movie ‘The bridge on the river kwai’. The last scene was ‘madness’ by an officiar of British military. Yesterday, when I have heard the news that some popular sites have been blocked from Bangladesh to restrain spreading of prime minister – army officers discussion audio recording, this word ‘madness’ first came to my mind.

The recording included some sensitivie information about the recent BDR mutiny. The army officers talked to Prime Minister in almost threatening tone. So they want to prevent spreading the audio recording by blocking sites. Isn’t that madness. Once a thing is in internet, it can never be prevented. They blocked many sites like youtube, esnips, mediafire and many more.

It is sad for both netizens part and ordinary peoples part. As we have seen that from the very first of the mutiny general people were against the Army. It is a matter of long debate why people stood against them. I personally lost honor about army after the clash with students and their merciless and inhumanly attitudes to the general and innocent students. But when we people discovered that the mutiny was planned killing, we felt sorrow and our supporting was shifted. But the recent discussion of army officers with PM, the release of the audio, their attempt to protect it by cutting the head due to headache is again causing people withdraw their support and sympathy from army. They claim they are too professional. But in the recording people heard how much they are. They even don’t know how to talk to Prime Minister. So how we ordinary people expect rational attitude from them?

One request to them (army): Don’t be so-called professional, but real professional. Please try to attitude in a fashion understanding that you are engaged to serve nation. Your salary is rationed from the people tax. The farmer whose yearly income is below $1000/year also has contribution on your life. You said, what facility the govt. has given to you. But we ask what not? Whom you call ‘bloody civilian’ arrange the cost of your luxurious life. So, greatefulness is a part of professionalism. Finally protect yourelf. You don’t need to protect ourselves. You people could not save a recording to spread out. So we can’t expect that you will be able to protect us.