how it feels to live without facebook!

recently, i came to a realization that i’m spending too much time on facebook. quite often it happened that, i’m scrolling down and down the newsfeed and felt like nothing interesting coming up. at those times, my muscle memory hits cmd + t (open new tab) and types in address bar. so, even without actively realizing i’m re-opening facebook and starts reading from top of the newsfeed. in my realization, this is too much. i must control myself.

i also witnessed a number of social problems upon sharing things or checking-in on facebook. even though there are many “friends”, not everyone is really friend! regardless, people has complications (often unintentional, myself included) about good things (often pure show-off) of others. in addition, i hate to say, i’m pretty tired of seeing tons of selfies (blame to me; not the one who takes).

so, on 1st january (2 hours before 2nd january), i felt like i should really take a long break and today is a good day to act. deactivating account sounds like the right solution in this case. however, i tried that in past and it didn’t work very well as facebook automatically reactivates account upon login. so, by forgetting that i deactivated and due to muscle memories, i open, login and everything back to normal. they made it too easy! i decided to force myself; and deleting account seemed only viable option.

without further thought (i know, if i start rationalize, i won’t be able to force myself), i decided to permanently delete facebook account. they didn’t make this one easy; so i had to google to find out how to do it.


  • before termination, you’ll have to deactivate the account.
  • you’ve to visit visit this page to request deletion (take a backup of your site if you are unlike me).
  • facebook said it gonna take about 2 weeks though it took me over 3 weeks (permanently deleted on january 24).
  • facebook must have a bug (or may be related to re-login before you ask to delete) as my friends reported that my account is still active and they can see my profile.


  • i’ve less online/social footprints.
  • i don’t feel obliged to check-in or post photos as i came somewhere.
  • i don’t have phones in my hand beyond a few seconds when we go to restaurants or somewhere. practically, i can give more attention to real life.
  • i have a lot more time for myself, entertain myself.
  • i feel like i’m living myself, not living a life to show others.
  • immediately after that i met a number of awesome people in my neighborhood. i never searched for anyone when i had facebook.

tl;dr: i’m enjoying the time.


  • i almost don’t know what happening around me and in friends’ lives.
  • lost contacts of a lot of people.
  • now, i’ve to make real efforts to get a news (with fb, they just come to newsfeed). example: i came to know couple of days later after trump’s eo of travel bans from some muslims majority nations.
  • i used to talk over messenger with my family/relatives. i had to find alternatives.
  • it feels awkward to tell that i don’t have a facebook account and people are really surprised.

tl;dr: it’s much harder than i thought.

to make things clear, i never blame facebook for anything. it’s really good and that’s why it’s making harder everyday to live without.

  • aajahid

    I genuinely missed you on facebook and started wondering what happend. And finally found this post.

    Atleast you have your blog to know that you left facebook, otherwise I thought whether if you blocked me or something :p

  • TheHungryCoder

    Thanks Zahid. Probably I should have announce it. But announcing in facebook to leave facebook seemed lame to me :P. If you try to be little creative, you can find me on skype.

  • TheHungryCoder

    NVM, I tried the same approach and found you :).

  • I just found it today. I am glad you’ve decided to leave Facebook, I wish I could too. Good luck vaiya and keep tweeting! 🙂

  • I was wondering where have you gone and today found out from Arafat vai’s post. I’ve deactivated my account in the past and it feels really peaceful, the max was 15 days I guess.

  • TheHungryCoder

    Well, IMO, the only way is to do that is not to think rationally. But honestly, this is not easy. I wish I could at least use Messenger (and still add friends). I think it’s easier to convince myself just to use it at a specific time in day.

    However, another thing I believe helped me. I deleted facebook from my mobile quite sometime ago. So I used it only from computer. If you want to limit your usage, try that if you’re still using in mobile.

    Tweeter is too political now ;).

  • TheHungryCoder

    I’m privileged that you guys remembered me :). It’s good to be out of facebook but it’s not good to be disconnected from people like you :(.

  • NeutralDog
  • TheHungryCoder

    It’s a great post Braga. I also tried some of the techniques you’ve mentioned and likewise they didn’t work. Interestingly, unlike few weeks after I deleted my account, I don’t miss at all.

  • TheHungryCoder

    Also it’s quite funny your mentioned site ( has Signup by Facebook ;).

  • NeutralDog

    🙂 Facebook is a virus.. isn’t it?