Grow up the Baby!

Happy Birthday Projanmo Forum
Oh, the baby is getting one year old just few hours later. I love you too much, I miss you too much. Thats why I always take care of you. My exam, studies and any other barriers could not separate me from you this one year.

Yeah, you are Projanmo Forum. Just one year ago, I whimsically started translating PunBB after seeing the localization of PunBB by Hasin Vy. He did it in ASCII format. But I thought, I should not do it in ASCII. As coming days are of Unicode, I started localizing PunBB in Unicode. On early January of 2007, the work is completed 90%. On January 17/18 of 2007, I uploaded PunBB to server and hosted in This is also another funny story. I registered the domain without any wishes. But when I localized PunBB, I thought, its a very good match. I can host PunBB under Projanmo name.

From January 20, 2007 the forum titled Projanmo Forum started its journey. Before sending news to newspapers, I have invited some of my friends. So, members were signing up before Jan 20. But January 20 is the formal inauguration day.

Then members are joining each day. In one year the total members are 900+ who have posted more than 30000 posts under about 3000 topics. One sad thing, the regular/active member is not too high. The distribution of users posts is not symmetrical. Its because, most of the computers don’t have Unicode and Complex Language Support on their computer. Again, a great part of members do not know how to write Bangla. Thats why they become interested seeing Bangla Forum but later deactivated due to failing of writing Bangla.

Anyway, there is a proverb that “nothing succeeds like success” which means one success inspires/leads to another. The birth of Projanmo Forum inspired many peoples. After Projanmo Forum, there are few Bangla Forums started among them Amader Projukti, Coda Forum are notable.

Yeah, may be I have made the Forum, but a great or better say most of the credit of its success (if you think that projanmo forum is succeeded) goes to its member. In every steps of maintaining the forum the members helped me by advice, suggestion and feedback.

Some name must be taken to complete the story. They are Shamim vy, Manchu (Sabuj), Bipro, Sumon and Sapnochari (Nasim) vy. They are the moderators of Projanmo Forum. It would not be possible for me to maintain it without their help. Specially, Shamim vy is from the beginning of Projanmo Forum. He was a great inspiration for me. He himself does not know how much inspiration he was for me that time and to date. I also remember Ragib vy (Wikipedian), Arafat Vy, Mashiur vy who served as Moderator though for little time and could not continue due to their personal busyness.

Also thanks to Hasin Hayder, who have developed bangla typing script which is another power-booster for the success of Projanmo Forum.

Finally thanks & greetings to the members of Projanmo Forum and again I am always grateful to them.