Exploring somewherein…

I had deep eager to visit somewherein’s office. Bcoz Hasin vy works as a web application developer their. From him, I have heard about their activities and in my mind I have created a wish to go there once. Today morning I got the chance. Last night Hasin vy confirmed the time to take off.
From morning I was preparing for the flight. At 9.15am I came out of home. After 30 mins, I reached to somewherein.

First Impression

It was not too hard for me to find out the office. The office is like a residential house. At third floor the somewherein’s office is. A doorkeeper opened the door. The coloring was very good and attractive. Telling about Hasin vy, he let me enter the house. The office is duplex house. Within 30 seconds I saw that hasin vy coming through stairs from top floors.
We were gossiping. Hasin vy introduced me with …(sorry I forgot the name). He works in the oil section of somewherein for Data Mining. Then Hasan entered the office. Hasin vy introduced me with him. Then we visited each section. The .NET section, the PHP section etc. I saw some Norwegians words on the wall. I asked what those mean. Hasin vy also could not answer me, replied “…just to impress the Norwegian”.

After visiting all sections, we again started gossiping. We talked about the lack of php’s backward compatibility which makes servers not to upgrade to PHP5. We discussed about many other things. Hasin vy told me how they work in group. How jobs are split and assigned to group members etc.

I was their for about 30 mins. Hasin vy is very busy man. So it is tough for him to manage more time. So, I had to leave somewherein though my mind did not want. Hasin vy invited me to come to office anytime I come to dhaka. Thanks for his invitation. I must go wheneven I get time.

Thank you Hasin vy, thank you Somewherein.