End of 06

The last week of 2006 was not enjoyable for me in many ways. I faced some problem with my organization. IÂ hurt for Saddam’s execution on the day of Eid Ul Azha. Some problem in our own family & some unwanted experience in my personal life.

I again failed to know people. A man whom I thought to be very fresh, was so critical that I ever did not understand he is inside a curtain. Thats not his is real reflection. Oh I m really heart broken. I did many things for courtesy of him. Yes of course he also done many things for me. But now I don’t understand why he did those. The last incident does not match with his earlier behavior.

Anyway, from I now I will try to count once more to consider people.

From 2007 I will rethink and reorganize my organization from the scratch and make some long plans.

I admit there were endless happy things for me in 2006 except the last week. anyway, up-down is part of life.hope better in 2007.