Dutch Bangla Bank (DBBL) introduced ‘Fast Track’ – amazing

Recently I have posted a brief overview in Bangla about the Fast Track introduced by Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd (DBBL). I think it is better if I put some words in English too :). I know CDM services are not new in Bangladesh, but the augmentation by DBBL is really amazing :).
DBBL already has the country’s largest ATM network. Though their service at their branches are not very satisfactory they have made significant improvements in introducing/using technologies in Banking. One reason of their poor customer services at branches may be they do mass banking rather than priority banking like some banks specially the foreign banks. However, in comparison to fees those banks take, I believe DBBL is not much bad ;).

Most interesting is that, I believe, they know about their poor customer service and they can feel it. That’s why they are trying to provide services even outside their branches. I like that. Their recent introduction of ‘Fast Track’ will enable to go to the branches rarely. The majority of the tasks with bank is deposit and withdrawal of money. Being a customer of largest ATM network, I would need to go to branches occasionally. However, sometimes I had to go to deposit cash but I always afraid of their long queue.

Another thing about DBBL is that their queue management is really poor. They have separate queues for deposit and withdrawal. I never seen more than 2 person in their withdrawal queue. But I always see long line at the deposit counter. The personnel in the withdrawal counter can easily kill lots of flies per day while the personnel in deposit counter are tired of working. I believe they could trade-off between these two based on the rush.

Now, after introducing, “Fast Track” my necessity of going to branch even reduced. I can now deposit from the fast track and one is very close to my house. Fast Track also accepts deposits longer time than branch.

Here are some information about “Fast Track” that may be useful for you :):

  • You can withdraw money 24 hours. There are multiple ATM booths in each “Fast Track”.
  • You can deposit money from 9am to 10pm.
  • You can deposit up to 20,000 BDT at “Fast Track”. I appreciate this policy as otherwise big clients will rush here causing problems to small customers like me :).
  • They are open all day except Friday and government holidays. That mean, usually, you can bank on Saturday too. Hurray!
  • You can open account from here.
  • You can discuss about SME loan here.
  • You won’t have to pay any fees for depositing money. Their branches charge fee when you deposit in account from outer zone of account. But it is fully free at “Fast Track”.

Must Remember:

  • The “Fast Track” is not alternative to branch. Still there are necessities that you have to go to branch.
  • Till now, you can’t deposit check in Fast Track, only cash. But I have seen their software has such feature. So, we may expect that very soon.
  • You should also remember that money deposited through “Fast Track” won’t be deposited to respective account instantly. It will be deposited during soonest evening. So, when you need money immediately in account, you must not use Fast Track.
  • You must take a receipt after you deposit the money and keep it secure until account reflects the deposit
  • An staff will be available there. He/she will help you doing the tasks. So, take help from his/her if you need.

Hope these information helps!

Update (July 12, 2010)

Known Fast Track Locations

  1. Mohakhali (just beside of rail crossing)
  2. Malibagh (on the right side of the road to Kakrail/Shantinagar)
  3. Shantinagar (about 200 meters from Malibagh Fast track. On same direction just on left side. Few steps ahead of DB Office)
  4. Jatrabari (On the way to Chittagong, 200 meters from circle, on right side)
  5. Gulshan (Gulshan 2, Opposite of Landmark)
  6. Dhanmondi (Probably near Rasel Square, not sure)
  7. New Market (as per comment of Nezam)
  8. Topkhana Road
  • I wonder when they’ll come to Khulna 🙂

  • The HungryCoder

    You mean branch or Fast Track? I did not see Fast Track at Khulna during my last visit and don’t know when they will open Fast Track there. But branch was even during my first visit (about 3 years ago).

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  • fasttrack

    The CEO of Standard Chartered Bank walked into the first FAST TRACK in front of everyone, liked the concept (as you did, but slightly more)

    Because he decided to copy it and called it ‘Financial Kiosk’. (I think there is CCTV footage of his visit)

    Standard Chartered announced it first only because DBBL has a habit of running things unannounced for awhile before making it official. And the local press always love a StanChart story even if you put a Fast Track in front of their eyes.

    When Standard Chartered starts to copy you, I don’t know if it is a good thing or a bad thing.

  • @ fasttrack :

    There is something called “Customer Care” and DBBL probably don’t even know that exists. DBBL staff say they don’t accept moneybookers transaction. They don’t know how to handle SWIFT messages and they asked me to visit their branch for three days just for a single piece of information. DBBL network doesn’t avail where SCB customers can withdraw money from the same DBBL ATM booth.

    As a client, it doesn’t really matter to me who started what first. What really matters to me is who handles customers how.

  • Zaheed Hossain

    Please inform me the locations of Fast Track in dhaka. Mostly Near about Jatrabari

  • The HungryCoder

    There is a Fast Track at Jatrabari. It is about 100 meters ahead (Dhaka-Chittagong road) from bus stand just opposite of the fish market.

    DBBL should appoint me as “Manager, Online Customer Service” ;). he he!

  • I completely agree with @maSnun latest comment! And @The HungryCoder : TYVM for this great informative post. I’ve been seeing this Fast Track thing for a while now while passing on the street but never had a chance to inquire about. Your post clarifies almost everything.

  • There is another FastTracK in New Market.

  • Shuvro

    attention about Must Remember:

    * The “Fast Track” is not alternative to branch. Still there are necessities that you have to go to branch.
    * Till now, you can’t deposit check in Fast Track, only cash. But I have seen their software has such feature. So, we may expect that very soon.
    * An staff will be available there. He/she will help you doing the tasks. So, take help from his/her if you need.

    * it is supplementary to the branch…
    * you can deposit chq. of any bank including dbbl
    * u can open a/c here
    * can send requisition for chq.
    * apply for new card/ pin, replacement of card, activation of card, fund transfer.
    * information abt. credit card & other credit facilities
    * apply for bank certificate and bank statement.
    * relevant customer services
    * for details plz visit dbbl.com.bd

  • habibur rohman

    help me any body , i want a smol loun , i have a current acount of DBBL bank , i am a smol busness men ……………………………..

  • Minhaz

    Is there any fast track or branch of DBBL in Mohammedpur or Syamoli???

  • If we cannot deposit money through Fast Track on Fridays and Government holidays, what is the use of keeping this service. Only to extend some more hours and it will not even credited to my account instantly. This is not a service that will help us. Those who are appreciating, may be they have no idea about advanced banking system in the whole world. In the other part of the world, there are machines those are accepts money in cash and the money will be counted by the machine itself and the machine detects if there is any note not recognized (fake) will be returned immediately. The balance will be deposited after your confirmation. There is sometimes a Security guard just to keep the machine safe.
    Since the DBBL has bought machine (may be very old fashioned machine) which are not useful for the purpose.
    I am sorry to say all above comments, because FAST Track is not useful.
    The Standard Chartered Bank (City Tower in Motijheel) is opened 24 hours to deposit money through machine similar to FAST track. They work 24 hours and 7 days a week. So, find the difference of services between 2 banks. To open large number of ATM machine is not a credit to the bank, but to give real service is important.

  • Ashu

    First of all i thank hungrycoder for such an important info..it really used to be a tiresome job to deposit money at any branch at any time of the day whatsoever…and even their official website lacks the info about the fast track service..and as it was an unannounced setp they took ,this facility is even unknown to almost half of the customers…so what’s the benefit if the customers remain unknown to the facility provided to them and if they can utilise it???!!!!

  • Devbrota Biswas

    Very useful information. Thank you.

  • habib

    yes there is a fast track booth at nirala residential area in khulna

  • Asif Muhammad Juberi

    Where is it exactly?

  • Baharul Alam Bonny

    ami Dhaka university te thaki.ekhane kacakaci kothay fast track pabo ?